Something different

Wednesday morning. Guess what? No talk of boys, cute or otherwise, on my site today. Instead, I thought I might write about something related to weight loss and fitness - what do you think?

So, by some miracle, the food (and alcohol) fest of last week doesn't seem to have affected my weight at all. I don't know why either, so don't be too annoyed, OK? In any case, I've set a goal for myself of being 180 pounds by Memorial Day. That's 12 weeks from now and ought to be eminently do-able. I'm going to incorporate the "24-in-24" milk challenge into my efforts, because several prominent studies have shown that drinking 24 ounces of non or low fat milk each day will help you lose more fat when incorporated into a low calorie food plan. We shall see how this turns out, but I've gotten back to basics with my eating, I'm pushing to get more water in, and I'm not snacking midday, so I think I'm on the right track. No activity yet this week, but I've got a cold and I don't want to push it just yet. Tonight I'll do 60 minutes of walking even if I have to slow it down considerably, and then I've got wine tasting with the Junior Leaguers Thursday night (I think I'll just be drinking water) and Alcott's all-star basketball game Friday night, so it will be Saturday before I'm back to activity. Slow but steady wins the race, or so I hope.


Brooke said…
Good for you! You're an inspiration.
Rebecca said…
Don't worry, you will!
Kris said…
Sounds like a great plan, Denise! Memorial Day weekend seems like a good marker. I think I'll make myself a small goal for that date as well. :) I've actually been drinking milk lately too which is weird because I've never been a "milk drinker" but I've been craving it I figure my body knows what it needs.

P.S. I never mind when you talk about boys, cute or otherwise. :P
Anonymous said…
Great goal you have set yourself. Have no doubt you will do it, too!
Anonymous said…
Denise - you can do this, just look at how far you've already come. Oh, and I'm glad you have cute boy stuff to talk about, all this weight loss discussion was getting boring (just joking).

Anonymous said…
Just dropping by to say Happy St Patrick's Day! :)

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