Another day in paradise

Saturday night. Man, I'm tired. I spent pretty much the whole day running around with Alcott and three of his siblings and - can I tell all of you that have multiple teenagers on a full time business how much I respect you? - I'm pooped. Pooped and sunburnt. Today was a good day!


Anonymous said…
Hello Denise!

Denise sent me a lovely package through the Great International Secret Blog Exchange (info: Thank you so much for your gifts :)

Anonymous said…
See? Still flabbergasted and awestruck at the amount you get through in a day, let alone a weekend ....
Anonymous said…
Hey Denise!!

New to the blog...found you on "Dispatches from France".

This is YOUR blog..too hell with people writing their snotty comments. Turn the comments off. And write what is in your heart. This is where you can go to vent, and be yourself. You have no one else to please.

I, too, am struggling with a weight issue, and for someone who has never been through it, it's hard to put into words.

You go, and to hell with the negative people. I'm rooting for you!!!

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