Different day, some boring stuff

Wednesday night. Well, I decided to postpone the start of my next class. I'm just too stressed out with too much on my mind and my schedule right now to be able to properly focus on school. I've got the same class scheduled for June so it's all good and a weight off of my mind.

With that dealt with, there's still my upcoming first hearing with Alcott in front of the judge. My report went in on time (yay me!) and my supervisor let me know today that she thinks it looks great (double yay!), so that's reassuring. I went to a volunteer recognition luncheon yesterday and it couldn't have been timed any better for me. I talked to my CASA mentor, Ruth, as well as a five year veteran, Marj, and both told me that the way I'm feeling is totally normal and will pass. They both shared with me stories about their cases and the fact that they got through the tough times, and that really helps. Maybe it's because I don't have any kids of my own or maybe it's just my overdeveloped need to be perfect at everything I do, but I've just really been stressing out about not being "good enough" at my CASA-ing, and those ladies really helped me see that just being there, listening, and trying my best will be "good enough". I need to be more patient with myself and stop trying to get it all right the first time and figure everything out immediately upon starting a new project. I know that there are people who are just naturally good at everything, but I need to potter around for a bit and figure things out as I go, so that's what I'm going to (continue to) do. I'm sure if you asked Alcott he'd tell you that I'm not a bad CASA and that's not faint praise from a 13 year old.

I've got Junior League Provisional training on Saturday in addition to the Placement Fair next Tuesday, where I will (hopefully) get put on the political action committee. If I don't get the SPAC assignment, my next choice is Education and Training Council, which will be interesting and satisfying, too, so it's a total win-win. It will be nice to see the remaining girls from my small group within the provisional class. We're down to just seven of us from 12 when we started, and I haven't seen several of them since February, so we've not done a particularly good job of staying connected, which is the point of the small groups. On the other hand, there are four of us that have seen each other quite a bit (several times a month), and I consider all of them friends, so it's not a total wash. I don't think any of them are looking at the committee assignments that I am, but that's OK.

Aren't you glad you stopped by?


Shrinking Girl said…
Denise, I'm always glad that I stopped by. Have a great day!!
Argy said…
Always :o)
Rebecca said…
Of course, I'm always glad. :) Also glad your sticking with being a mentor. :)
Ms Gigglepuss said…
Yep, I'm always glad too! I'm glad that your worries about CASAing have been taken care of, and that you won't have a class to stress you out right now!
Mamato2boys said…
Oh sweets! I am so glad that you talked to those lovely ladies. The want that you have to give your all and be the Best at what you do just shows how important this is to you and how much love you have to share! Give a bit of that back to yourself sweets! You SO deserve it!
Kris said…
You're such a great person with a kind heart. I went to the CASA website after reading your post yesterday and I think it's a wonderful organization (I'd never heard of it before). In fact, I am looking into volunteering myself as it seems like the kind of cause I'd really like to personally support.
Thank you!
ABC said…
Of course I'm glad I stopped by, crazy girl! And, I really admire you for your work with Alcott. I seriously would love to do something like that when my husband finds work again and we have a little money coming in. That is just awesome; keep doing it!
Alda said…
Yes. I am. And it's interesting what you say about expecting perfection. I think if you're a parent and sort of are there when your kids grow up, you don't expect yourself to be perfect - you accept that you have periods of annoyance or irritability or disinterest or whatever. But with what you're doing it's sort of a different ballgame and I can see that you might expect more of yourself than perhaps you should. Hope you can cut yourself some slack because from what I've read, you're doing amazing things! :)

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