Getting back in the swing of things and DIFD challenge check-in

Wednesday morning. I only had 365 emails waiting for me at work, which is less than I'd thought, so that was good. By noon, I'd caught up and was ready to go. Of course, my first meeting was at 10am, so that was unfortunate. I'd also scheduled a meeting at which I was the driver for 2pm and had to send out supporting materials prior to the meeting, which was accomplished...but only just. Being gone for a week at this time of year is always challenging, but Life doesn't always give you what you want. (I'm fairly certain my dad would have preferred 50 hours of work to what he endured over the last week!)

Things started out well, food wise, and then deteriorated as the day wore on. I think the key to using non-food supplemental nutrition (Glucerna, in this particular case) is eating more frequently, so I'm going to grab my decaf, nonfat, sugar free vanilla latte mid morning (10-ish) then have my shake for lunch right at noon, followed by some fruit and a string cheese at about 2:30, then home for a Lean Cu1sine, some more fruit, and another small latte. By spacing it all out and not letting myself get too hungry, I'm hoping to make this work. (Given that I have next to no money right now, I just can't afford to be running out for meals or eating in our cafeteria at work anyway.)

OK, it's time to check in on the brave souls who have accepted the Do It For Daddy challenge. So, how did you do? Did you manage your 30 minutes of cardio yesterday? I should have mentioned that, if you find 30 minutes all at once too challenging (time or fitness level-wise), you are welcome to break that up into three separate sessions, just like Daddy does. For many who work in office buildings like I do, that would be three walks around the building, and I feel confident that anyone can do that. I also sent the challenge to my team and fellow project managers at work, several of whom have decided to join in, so we are in good company, my friends. Don't forget, that's 30 minutes of any kind of cardio (walking, swimming, jogging, biking, rowing, aerobics, dancing, whatever) each day this week. I know it sounds daunting and some of you are probably thinking that you can't possibly do it, but it's only 30 minutes (or 10 minutes three times) and it might just be the thing that keeps you from developing heart disease, so give it a try.

Bottom line? When you don't want to do it for yourself, Do It For (my) Daddy!


Zee said…
ouch. that's is way too many emails.

i'm clearing my inbox today. fun.
Anonymous said…
Least you're semi-caught up now :^)
theaddict said…
When I was on holiday I had my out of office turned on asking people not to send me things unless V. important. And when I got back? My email was in the double digits. Seriously crazy! Hope things can get back to normal (or close enough) for you soon.

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