Having some difficulty

Thursday morning. We will find out when my dad's surgery will happen today and I'm sure that knowing the actual day and time will rachet up the stress I'm already feeling. I'm trying really hard to stay positive and focus on what it will take after the surgery for my dad to make a full recovery, but the cold finger of fear still touches my heart from time to time. I'll keep posting here as I find out more because I can't freak out in my "real" life, so this place is going to be critical for my continuing mental health.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I had a little slip up in my health and fitness project last night. I don't think it's a precursor to a complete breakdown, but you can never tell. I'm going to try to be especially vigilant in the next few weeks as we go through my dad's surgery and initial recovery because I can't help him if I'm not taking care of myself. Besides, I'm still planning to attend my conference for work next month in Atlanta and I don't want to be any heavier for that than I was in March for New Orleans. (I know, how vain can I be that I'm worrying about that while my dad is fighting for his life. I am really ashamed of feeling this way, but I'm pretty sure he'd understand.)

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Brooke said…
Oh no... I hope your dad's surgery goes well. My stepdad (and his sister, a few years later) went through the very same thing and they both came through with flying colors. My step-aunt's carotid was 90 percent blocked, a ticking time bomb, but they caught it in time -- like they've caught your dad's in time, if I understand correctly -- and she's completely fine.

Anyway, you'll be in my thoughts, and I'll be hoping for the best. Good luck, my dear.
M@rla said…
I'm so sorry to hear this Denise - I'll be sending positive thoughts your dad's way! That's awfully second-hand I know...

Don't feel guilty about your conference and wanting to look good - life goes on even when loved ones are ill. You can't, and shouldn't, freeze your life until it's all resolved, and you know your family wouldn't want you to. Please keep us posted, and take care of yourself.
Anonymous said…
I think it's best to keep yourself busy right now, even if that means focusing on things that might seem vain. It really boils down to being health conscious too, so don't blame yourself for stressing about other things, better to fret the small stuff now I think and face the bigger stuff only when you can and are ready.
Mia Goddess said…
Oh dear. That's a tough one. I was really moved by the wonderful things you wrote about him the other day. I'll be thinking of both of you! - Mia
I am an 'old yet new' to your blog.I have been reading it without fail for weeks. Today will be THE day I am going to 'bug' you with comments heheheh.

Anyways, I really love the 'fairy tale' story that you wrote about your father.I have put it in my blog (hope you don't mind). I SO LOVED IT!

He will be better. God helps good man.
Noames said…
Best wishes to you and your dad. May he be in the best possible hands and go through surgery and recovery with minimal complications.

I'm glad to see that you're taking care of yourself as you prepare to take care of your father. You're so right that do that. Just remember that taking care of yourself also means giving yourself a break sometimes!
betsy said…
Sending good thoughts and wishes to you and your dad during his surgery!

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