I'm back and the introduction of the Do It For Daddy Challenge!

Tuesday morning. Well, I'm home for more than an overnight stay and, for better or worse, Mom and Daddy are on their own now. I'm a bit scared, but I know that they have the information that they need to be healthy and successful (and my phone number, just in case).

For myself, I've decided to let my father be my fitness inspiration for a little while. Let me tell you, if watching a man who's had his chest cracked open, veins from arms and legs removed and grafted to his heart, and been in hospital for four days go for a daily walk doesn't inspire you, you mustn't have a soul. Seriously, watching and going with my dad on his walk yesterday just brought it home for me, again, how important it is for me to take care of my own diabetes. If I don't do the same things he is doing (walking regularly, eating properly, and managing stress), I will end up in the exact same place he is in a few years. I don't want that and neither would he, so I strapped on my running shoes and took a 30 minute walk this morning.

While I was walking, I started thinking about how I could take better care of myself and, perhaps, inspire my dad at the same time. It wasn't until I got home and started drinking my Glucerna shake (I missed the deadline for my healthy, prepared meals for this week) that it hit me what I will do: I'm creating the Do It For Daddy (DIFD) Challenge. Basically, the idea is that, every week, I'll come up with a specific goal to work on, based on the things that my dad is supposed to be doing in his rehabilitation program. I'm sure it would do my dad a lot of good to know that he's helping others around the world through his struggles, so, if anyone's interested in participating, just follow along and/or leave a comment.

This week's DIFD challenge: Take a 30 minute walk every day. Your exertion level should be about a 6 on the perceived exertion scale (you can talk, but it's an effort) and you should be sure to check out the flowers or other fun things along the way.

Remember, if you don't want to do it for yourself, your health, or your family, Do It For (my) Daddy!


Mamato2boys said…
I am totally in! I needed something to give me the push to get the extra cardio in. I am in on the DIFD challenge and it will help my 12 year old puppy as well :o)

Anonymous said…
Love it, I'm in. Your words and your actions are an inspiration, thank you.
I love it! I won't say that I'll do it, but I love it.
Anonymous said…
Hey sweetie! I am thinking good thoughts for you and your Dad. And your Mom! Your challenge is a great idea! I know you can do anything that you set your mind to! Mwah!
Carrie (rdhdprincess.diaryland.com)
theaddict said…
That sounds like a great challange, and very inspiring too. :)
M@rla said…
I'm so glad to hear Daddy is on the mend. Great challenge, too, I'm sure it will inspire a lot of people!
Argy said…
yay for your daddy getting better!
And a nobel challenge too!

I will give it some thought, since I want to commit 100% if I do.

It is easter week for us greeks now, and we are soon leaving for a looooong weekend.

I will join in on tuesday, after thinking about it during my holidays :)

*tight hugs*
I am a SNAG. This kind of heart-warming post can make me "rain" (ok ok CRY!) and I am a frigging guy for God's sake. You should send your story to the CHICKEN SOUP book people.

Rebecca said…
Denise, this is wonderful, what a great idea! Good luck with your newfound inspiration!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a great idea I'm in!

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