So much to do

Saturday afternoon. You know, it's not just my weight that needs attention and energy, my poor condo does, too. As I was sitting and listening to presentations on the different committees within Junior League this morning, I kept hearing that some committees rotate their meetings through their members' houses and I started getting really worried. Sure, I could spend an entire weekend (or two) scrubbing and it would be OK for friends and family, but, in order to have strangers over, it's going to require many visits to Home Depot, Goodwill, and some professional help. It's a terrible feeling, knowing that I can't have any of my new and potential friends over because of my house, but it will cost money in addition to being time consuming, neither of which are in my budget at this moment. Threadbare carpet, peeling and stained wallpaper, broken cabinet doors, cracked tile, a leaking faucet, and doors and door frames that need to be sanded and repainted - what a long, unwieldly list. (There's also the new curtain rods to be installed and curtains to be hung, but that's more optional/would-be-nice than required.) More stress and worry, just what I needed.


theaddict said…
We have similar problems with our place. We rent though, and everything is old and needs to be replaced. I have to remind myself all the time that this is "temporary" and one day we will have a place we can be proud of. I hope your trips to the Goodwill are good because you never know what diamond in the rough you will find. Good luck.
Anonymous said…
I'm right there with both of you. Our house is a rental as well, but there's plenty of things wrong with it that I need to take care of my own self. Emma's birthday is in a couple of weeks and Mark wanted to have a party here and I went into the same exact panic mode.

PS - we're *not* having a party here. lol
Anonymous said…
I can really related to this, Denise. My house is in need of many repairs, too, and with so many pets, it's just not practical to have "company"!

I'd hire a maid but I'd have to clean the place up first lol.
Argy said…
Our house is rented too, and old. We did the most we could, 3 years ago, redid the wooden floors cos they were full of scars, painted the walls to something more cosy, and we are now left with a gorgeous living room and dining room, a gorgeous bedroom, but the kitchen and bathroom are so small and cant really get better unless we do some serious investment.

I think you should relax, and do what you can do to make your condo prettier for YOU and not others. "Beautify" your living room and bathroom, close the rest of the rooms doors, and limit your guests in these areas.

After all darling, they come to see YOU and not judge your place.

Put fresh gorgeous flowers in the vases, clean the windows, stick photos in an abstract way to the walls where the wallpaper needs "coverage", and let them now how much you love the sun, thus the absence of curtains.

Or if you have a patio restrict them there!

Anonymous said…
I don't have a couch! LOL - I mean my bedroom is beeeeeeeeeeeutiful, but I have no livingroom furniture. I have the money to buy it but my brain keeps telling me to put it against my credit card debt I built up during the condo purchase, which is SO unlike my brain.

So currently I sit on an itty bitty mattress in my livingroom on Thursdays when I watch Survivor and the Apprentice. The rest of my time is spent at my desk, surfing journals, playing with graphics etc. And my new laptop has a DVD player in it so I can watch movies in the comfort of my own bed, lol.

But seriously I know how you feel.
Anonymous said…
an idea from a lurker:

host a home improvement party for yourself!

provide food, beverage, and great music... but it's B.Y.O.H. (Bring Your Own Hammer!)

your close friends will be thrilled to have a chance to help you while also hanging out.

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