Another day, another dollar and a half

Tuesday morning. Well, I started the six week walking program in the Walk Away the Pounds book yesterday and so far, so good. I'm not consciously trying to do anything with my eating at this point and I'm not trying to walk 3-5 miles, I'm just going slow and steady. We'll see how this works out but, given that my weight and measurements pretty much completely appalled me when I took them for the "before" yesterday, something's got to give, folks! I now weigh just over 223 pounds! I've gained back over 20 pounds that I lost - 20! Do you know how hard I worked to lose that and I gave it back through Mexican food, desserts on the road, and laziness. Gosh that makes me angry, but there's nothing I can do about it now and I have to just move forward. Six weeks takes me right up to the 4th of July holiday, so we shall see what I can accomplish (with moderation) before then.

For those still attempting to stick with the Do It For (My) Daddy Challenge, here's what this week holds:

1. If you're at your "healthy" weight, you're still doing 30 minutes of activity each and every day. If you need to lose weight for your health (as I do), you're up to 39 minutes of activity every day. Remember that you can break that up into three 13 minute sessions or two 19.5 minute sessions - whatever it takes to get them in.

2. You're taking a physical and mental break from your work area at least once a day. Extra points if you choose to do something relaxing (reading, listening to music, meditating) while you're away, but the Challenge only says that you have to get away from your work area.

3. You're working on improving the way that you eat. More fruits and veggies, less junk/high fat, cholesterol, and sodium foods.

4. New for this week! If you smoke, start cutting back. I suggest the 10% rule here, too. Take the amount of cigarettes you normally smoke in a day and cut it back by 10%. Nothing too scary, just a step in the right direction.

By the way, Daddy's doing pretty well with his challenge, too. He's allowed to drive again, but he's still challenged by the eating and exercising components of his recovery plan. I'm sure we can all sympathize with the pain of having to give up certain foods and give in to the thought that exercise will have to be a daily part of your life forever and ever. Not pleasant, not life affirming - not at first. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers if you would.


theaddict said…
I am glad your Dad is doing well. That is good to hear.

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