Atlanta 1, Denise 0 and why I love LA

Saturday morning. I've been so neglectful of my little site - I didn't even buy it any cool souvenirs while I was gone - and there are so many wonderful things to talk about since my last posting.

On the health and fitness front, the score is definitely not in my favor. Not a second's worth of planned activity, although I did walk at least a couple of miles every night to dinner. What I didn't do in fitness, I more than made up for in my consumption of alcohol, which is even worse, and the eating was pretty much totally atrocious as well. I'm not even mildly upset about it, though, so no tears or recriminations here. I had a wonderful (if somewhat muggy) time in Atlanta and make no apologies for my transgressions.

While I was there, I started reading Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds book, and I am surprisingly impressed and pleased with it. She emphasizes moderation, starting slowly, and not obsessing on food, which is a very non-threatening approach to trying to make positive changes in one's life. Her logic is that, once you start walking even just a little, your body and mind will start wanting to eat better, too, without the "you must" and "you can't" pressure that a formalized diet brings. She mentions WW many times and says that, for those that are interested in more structured eating, it's a good choice, but doesn't really talk about eating at all. I really like it and recommend at least picking it up at the library and giving it a read.

So, I got home Thursday evening from Atlanta and tootled off to work yesterday morning like a good girl. Once I realized that I only had one (morning) meeting on my schedule, my mind started to whirl with the possibilities of an early departure from work. When I noticed an advertisement for MLB InterLeague play featuring the Dodgers (boo, hiss) and Angels (my long beloved boys), I confirmed with my fabulous boss that it would be OK to leave a little early and then clicked onto the Dodgers' site to buy my tickets and parking pass. The game was at 7:40pm, so I was careful to leave no later than 3pm knowing that it was a Friday afternoon in southern California. Sure enough, Mapquest's 2hr 37min eventually turned into 3hr 45min, the first reason I love LA so much. Once I arrived, I found that my parking pass, far from being a reservation for a particular spot, which I'd assumed it was, only got me in the general admission, which I could have done for the same price (minus the Ticketmast@r fee) in person. Bummer, but lesson learned. I made my way to my "directly behind home plate" seats only to find that my view of all of the scoreboards was blocked by the overhang from Loge seating directly above us. Yes, I'd just spent $75 for tickets that were obstructed view. My goodness, I love LA! The game, fortunately, was wonderful. Well, I suppose if you were a Dodger fan you might have a different view of things, but, as I am a dyed in the wool Angel fan, I was ecstatic with our 9-0 shelling of the Dodger bullpen. I left for home a few dollars poorer with another major league stadium under my belt and ready for the long ride home. (Yes, there was traffic - major traffic - at 11pm when I got on the freeway. I didn't get home until after 1am. Yet another reason that I love LA!)


Gel said…
Glad you had a fab time @ the game!
Good 4U w/ walking. It's a neat way to see people, nature, take some reflective time for youself, and be healthy all at the same time. It's so hard to get started on something sometimes; I know that feeling for other areas. .
M@rla said…
Yay you're back! I think I remember last year you had an interesting revelation about your self(s) and how other people see you, but I don't remember the details. It seems that the universe is trying to tell you something when you go on business trips.

I know a lot of people like WATP, I haven't tried it, so let me know if you think it provides a hard enough workout. You know, the thing about not focusing on food and being relaxed about it... for me, that's what got me into this mess in the first place. I mean, I used to eat in a relaxed fashion, I didn't binge, I wasn't obsessed with food, I just ate naturally. Unfortunately, that meant I ate too much! It's an attractive idea, to think that "dieting" isn't necessary, but I know that for me it's a pipedream.
CaliGirl said…
when people ask me what i miss about california i quickly say I DONT MISS the traffic there! cant wait to enjoy that wonderful freeway system in july on
Unknown said…
Awesome way to spend the afternoon! There's nothing better than a baseball game live. I live about 45 minutes north of Baltimore so we go to see the O's a lot (first place in the AL East!).

Glad you had a good time in Atlanta and keep hanging in there, you're doing just fine :)

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