DIFD update for this week

Thursday morning. Hmmm, not been very good with the site updates lately, have I? This time of year at work is brutal and, with a combined vacation/business trip coming up next week, my calendar is booked solid until May 20. How sad is that?

Moving on to important matters, though, I've been very remiss in keeping up with the Do It For (My) Daddy Challenge (DIFD) updates, and that will never do. In point of fact, Daddy is doing quite well, although the nurse for his surgeon apparently has picked up her bedside manner from her boss (very business-like, not much human kindness) and is quickly gaining the dislike of both my parents. Still and all, he's losing lots of weight, which is a good thing for him and for his heart health, and he's definitely increasing his activity a little bit each day.

Which, of course, brings us to the check-in on DIFD challenge. Last week, you'll remember, your challenge was to do 30 minutes of activity each day. This week, if you've already got a BMI (body mass index) rating in the "normal" zone (go here to check), you will continue with the 30 minutes. If, however, you are like Daddy and me and need to lose some weight, you'll be increasing your daily activity time by 10% to 33 minutes. That can be three 11 minute walks, one 33 minute session with DDR, two 1-mile Walk Away the Pounds sessions plus two flights of stairs - the possibilities are endless.

For this week's challenge, we're going to focus on another of the preventable risk factors for heart disease (obesity, sedentary lifestyle, stress, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking), as we work to manage the stress in our lives. Your challenge for this week, should you choose to accept it, is to take time away from your job each day to do something relaxing. This could mean sitting outside for a few moments (not in the smoking section, thank you very much), reading a (non-work related) book, driving or walking to a nearby park to swing on a swing - whatever relaxes you and takes your mind off of everything work-related. We'll start out with a goal of 10 minutes each day and work our way up to a full 30 minutes by the end of the challenge. Did you know that non-exempt/hourly employees are entitled to two short breaks on the clock each day? How many of you actually take those breaks? For my fellow exempt/salaried employees, well, we work as many hours as it takes anyway, so what's another 10, 20, or 30 minutes a day, right?

I know, some of you are thinking that I'm asking too much of you at this point, and I can appreciate that. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by everything that it takes to have a healthy (and heart healthy) lifestyle, too, but then I remember: My 61 year old father is facing all of this plus recovery from heart surgery. So, after I say a mental "I'm sorry" to God for being ungrateful, I just do it. For all of you wonderful people, just remember that all of the things I'm adding to the DIFD challenge will help you and your loved ones have a longer, healthier life together.

And, if that doesn't do it for you, just Do It For (My) Daddy!


Anonymous said…
What a great idea (DIFD). Glad he is doing okay.
Rebecca said…
Those breaks that we're entitled to, is that after a lunch hour?
Anonymous said…
great blog. i am just getting started on myne again!!! please add me to your blog roll, i have added you to mind. thanks!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the challenges. I don't think you're asking too much, and thanks for trying to keep us responsible to it. I have not been keeping up, I will try harder this week. 33 minutes it is!
Anonymous said…
I am so delighted to find your blog. I am on the first day of week 6 of my journey to lose 163 pounds. I have lost 20 so far and reading stories like yours are very inspiring and motivating. Thanks for caring and sharing!

theaddict said…
I just wanted to say that I am very proud of you. :)
Shannin said…
I'm up for that challenge. Need to get ready for my own (possible) surgery.
Megan said…
Beautiful idea, Denise. Glad your father is doing well.

Oh, I also read your last post - hang in there sweetie, and maybe try something a little different in your routine to get moving again. You'll make it. Remember, the goal is to be healthy.

I'm here via Michele. I'll check back in with you soon to see how you're doing.

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