A great weekend, too much food/not enough exercise, and a surprise phone call

Tuesday afternoon. I had a great weekend. I spent time with The Boy and his brother. I did loads and loads of laundry (resulting in piles of ironing). I went to the recycling center. I tried to get my dry cleaning out of hock but found that my faithful cleaners were closed for the holiday. I picked up a little around the house and changed the bedroom and bathroom over to the Summer linens, and I went to the Padres' game last night with one of my friends from the Junior League. (They won!) It wasn't the perfect weekend, but it was darned close, friends.

So, I ate too much, too often, and didn't exercise. What's new? I'm not even going to comment on it because it's just so familiar and boring now. Besides, beating myself up isn't working and it doesn't feel good, so I'm skipping it for now.

On the positive side, I got a very unexpected phone call Friday night. The cute boy I mentioned last week called me from the airport on the way to visit his parents. Yay me! I never expected nor implied that I'd have a phone call waiting for me after my lovely day at work and yet there he was. Not an obligatory call, but a call that he wanted to make. I know, I know, this doesn't have to mean anything and I shouldn't get my hopes up, but it was really nice and I liked the way that it made me feel.


Anonymous said…
Glad you got that phone call...I bet your heart was pitter-pattering ;~)

About the eating thing...I'm right there with you, Denise. Every morning I wake up I tell myself that I'm getting back on track but I can't stick to it. It's quite depressing.
Anonymous said…
You have to love a cute boy who rings out of the blue just because he can.
Perhaps you ought not to be so hard on your self Denise, he is obviously liking you :)
Go you!
yvonne said…
Yay for happy weekends and happy calls and for not beating ourselves up. Well, yay for YOU not beating yourself up. I only didn't beat myself up because I was mostly asleep. LOL. It's good to hear you happy!!!
theaddict said…
Oh how lovely. I'm glad to hear positive and good things are happening. You'll get back on track.
Argy said…
Of course you should not beat yourself up! We all know that this leads to guilt and guilt builts the chain! But a cute boy can be such an incentive for a nice walk where you can think of him and stuff ;o)

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