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Wednesday morning. I'm doing something a little crazy tonight - I'm going to a "dinner and a movie" event for a local social club. I've never done anything with the club, but my membership expires next month and I thought I ought to give it a chance before allowing it to expire. I'm not even sure which movie we'll be seeing and that's fine. (I hope the other members aren't creepy.)

Not that anyone except me cares, but the sight of my little girl kitty, Abby, curled up and sleeping on the back of the couch, makes my whole body unclench and relax. I'm not sure why I decided to share that with the world but there you go.

Another riveting posting from Denise, eh?


Anonymous said…
Like the mention of your cat, it's moments like those that are much more important than the busy, task-filled hours of our lives.
Anonymous said…
I have often thought about doing something with a social club, so I will be waiting on pins and needles to hear how it went! :)
Anonymous said…
Have a great night out! And even if they are creepy? It'll make for a very interesting story ;)
I couldn't get comments to work this morning, so I'm a bit late in wishing you a great time tonight!

And cats rock! Mine often sits on my lap when I blog.
Anonymous said… my typical drive-by commenter fashion, I'll offer the following suggestion.

Rather then paying for 'social clubs' have you heard of Same exact thing as a 'social club' only NO cheezy membership fee.

I think San Diego is still a fairly quiet, but D, check out the city i'm in (you know it!) - we are hopping!

Email on its way as well....

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