Just a quickie

Saturday night. OK, it's nearly time for me to go to bed (I've got a 5:30am departure from the hotel - ouch!), but I just wanted to check in to let you all know how much fun I'm still having. I walked around Charleston today for over two hours today. Two hours of continuous motion and I covered about four miles, which is not too shabby for sightseeing and 82 degrees. Add that to the two miles I did on the treadmill in the morning, and I'm feeling pretty darned good about the world.

Did I mention that they keep leaving complimentary Frito Lay potato chip products in my room? I think it's fabulous that they take such good care of their guests (they also leave bottles of water), but I wish they had Baked Lays instead of Cheetos, Doritos, and Lay's Classic. I haven't had any of them (they're sitting on the desk next to me), but I think it's a little cosmic joke on me or something: "let's see if she really means it this time." Guess what? I do!

On to Atlanta (via Augusta) in the morning and the vacation part of the trip will officially be over. Ahh, the relaxation has been fabulous, and I'm looking forward to taking my rediscovered serenity on the road.


LSL said…
I'm enjoying your blog and am inspired by your resolve. Please keep it up, for both of our sakes :)
Anonymous said…
I love Charleston, I was there in 1999 visiting an "online" fling I had. The town just soothed my soul, so full of history and charm and delicious food!

Congrats on steering clear of the chips, I honestly don't think I could have passed them up!

WTG :)
Sounds like fun! I'd probably have to get those chips out of the room. We went out for Mexican last night, and I told them to just leave the rice and beans off the plate so I couldn't be tempted. And I didn't eat even ONE of the yummy tortilla chips.
Jamie Dawn said…
I absolutely LOVE Charleston. I've been there five times, and I can't get enough of the beauty and charm. I hope to live in the Carolinas some day.
Plantation said…
I've always wanted to visit Charleston. Take good notes.
theaddict said…
Good for you Denise! That was so good to hear.
Anonymous said…
Charleston is one of my favorite places! Just reading about you being there makes me want to go back :)

Glad you've been having such a great time. You deserve it!!
Alda said…
I stayed for a week at a hotel in Oslo a few years back where they kept leaving 'complementary' cashews [which I made good use of], lozenges, chocolate bars and things in my room. Only on checking out did it transpire that these were part of the mini bar. However, since they'd omitted leaving a price list and nothing indicated that this was so, I wasn't slapped with the bill. Phew!
Sounds like you accomplished much. Way to go! Great walking and great job on the self-control. Enjoy the rest of your time and I hope the peace sees you through.

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