No time to worry and an update on Daddy

Monday evening. Since Friday at noon, I've only had about five hours not allocated to something social. Friday afternoon it was our division's after busy season beach party. Saturday morning it was run out to Ralph's to get Alcott's birthday cake then run out to pick up Alcott and his older brother for a round of mini golf plus batting cages plus video games. We rounded the afternoon out with a drive through of the local In N Out burger joint, then the kids went home to get ready for basketball. Denise went home to get ready for the Junior League's Island DiVine spring fundraiser, which I worked check-in for. I was at the event until 8pm, after which two of my fellow provisionals and I went to Jimmy Love's in the Gaslamp Quarter for dinner and relaxation. I got home about 11:15pm. I got up at 5:30am in order to make lime bars for Alcott's birthday, put everything in the car (including the cake, the Spongebob plates, napkins, and cups, the candles, the card, and the gift card from Voices for Children), and get on the road for Alcott's siblings' home for his party. We had fun until 10:30 when the kids headed off to get ready for a visit with their dad and I hit the road for my parents' house. I got home about 5pm - exhausted. This morning it was up early and off to an all day offsite seminar and it's the same thing tomorrow. Yikes, when am I going to get this place tidied up, do laundry, and pack? Ah, well, that's what the night before (Wednesday) is for, right?

I did get to see Daddy while I was at the folks', and, while things are going pretty well, both Mom and Daddy are a little discouraged at the speed (or lack thereof) of his recovery. He's really tired much of the time and his surgeon's nurse's response is to tell him to push harder to get past the tiredness. I don't think this woman understands that he led an extremely sedentary life before the surgery, so it's going to take him a little longer than some patients to get up to doing a mile every day. In any case, I'd like to make a little request: would anyone who's willing to write an encouraging email to my dad please email me and ask for his address? Even if you just wrote to tell him to keep up the good work, that would be perfect. He's never read my website, so please no linking to anything here, but anything else you'd like to share would be really fabulous. I told him about the DIFD Challenge and he seemed pleased, so I think he'd really enjoy hearing from all of you wonderful people.

Don't forget to keep working on your challenge for the week. Have you been trying to get away from your desk for a while? Do you feel better afterwards? I hope this will help keep the stress (and surgeon) away. Next week's challenge will be focused on cholesterol, so stay tuned!


Argy said…
Can I have your dad's email and name please?
Plantation said…
Oh no. I'm failing the challenge. Getting away from my desk? Impossible.

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