Feeling poopy

Tuesday night. I had to cancel out on my walking date with Ang tonight because I've got this terrible tummy pain thing going on. Owwie, owwie, owwie. I want someone to come over and rub my tummy. Mommmmmmmmmmmmy!

In other developments, I want to say something emotionally raw to TCB. I miss him so much and I want him to know that I'm glad he's in my life and that I wish we could see more of each other. Do you think it would be a bad thing to send him an email or leave him a voicemail telling him so? (There's no way I could tell him that in person on the phone. He'd either die or say nothing and then I'd be frozen with awkwardness.) I know you're not supposed to tell guys what you're feeling and he's definitely not a "sharing our feelings" kind of person, but my heart is just so full that it feels like it's going to burst. I guess I should just enjoy the feeling and wait, but I'm not a waiting sort of girl.



Karen said…
Hi Denise, Michele sent me.

I remember those days of not being sure where a relationship was going... hoping for more and wondering if he was thinking the same. Hope things work out!
War Eagle said…
Hi, Thanks for the visit to my blog from Michele's. About your feet hurting, you should look into ECCO walking shoes. I wear them and have no pain when exercising and walking. They are a little expensive but, worth it.
Tiffany said…
Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well! Hope you feel better really soon!
Beatte said…
There's nothing wrong with letting him know that you are thinking of him, but my instinct is to say that you should keep it low key, which I guess defeats the purpose of wanting to say something emotionally raw to him.

If you can inject some humor into it, that might make it a little easier for TCB to deal with. If you have a flair for drawing, send him a little comic. Panel one: Denise before TCB (looking bored and sad). Panel two: Denise after TCB (looking happy and confident). Maybe a co-worker could be in frame, saying something like "Wow, what happened to HER?" or something.

That would get the point across w/out seeming too "accusatory" -- that may seem like a harsh word, but just to give you my POV on the subject, I always feel trapped and pressured by the types of comments you are thinking of making. "I love having you in my life and I'd like to see more of you" sounds (to me) like: "I can't function without you now, and we don't see each other enough -- you aren't fulfilling my needs!!"

Crazy, but true. You have to put it through the "Difficulty with Emotions" translator, which is very similar to putting it through the Guy Translator. (grin)
Shannin said…
I think you can go low key with something like, "I just wanted to let you know how glad I am to have met you." That doesn't come off too strong, especially if he's not ready for hearing, "I can't live without you." Let him know you enjoy his company and he makes your days sunnier.

Sending soothing tummy rubs your way...
Wendy said…
Shannin's right, keep it low key and light. You can say "I'm so glad I met you" but wait for the right moment - like when he cracks a joke or does something adorable, say it then, and keep it light, not with an intense gaze or anything.

It's the unusual guy that's not going to be put off by you saying what you want to say right now. And he just may be one of those unusual but you can't be sure of that at this point - you really just don't know him well enough. You haven't known him that long, from what I can tell.

Keep it low-key Denise. You can be happy about what you have here, but I think should keep some distance as well - not just for him, for you.

Sorry if this comes across as cynical. Good luck. And feel better.
I'm not one to give advice, especially on romance, but keep in mind what you just wrote about his personality before making any decisions.

Hope your tummy's feeling better soon!
Anonymous said…
My feeling is to just wait. It's hard, I know, but wait. Keep your power. Enjoy your full heart and there will come a time when the moment's right.
Mamato2boys said…
Wow I would be an awful dater.
My instict was. Do it!, Heh. But then I am married to my highschool sweetheart and am a hopeless romantic.
I think the, "I am so glad that I met you and love spending time with you" sounds great!
Of course in my head I am thinking spill your heart he takes you in his arms and you spend the night cuddling all vunerable and all.
Heh, yeah I could never date. I would get so screwed, lol.
Oh sweets! Feel better soon.
Take care.
La said…
Hmmm, I'm going to post the opposite advice. I don't think there's anything wrong with telling him how you're feeling. My philosophy has become about honesty, not about contriving some creative way of telling him how you feel and hoping he'll get the point. I think the key is in telling him, but also letting him know that you are not telling him because you are expecting any reciprocated feelings - but that you just want him to know how you feel. As long as you can TRULY give up the need to have him respond in a particular way, that is. My 2 cents (which, after conversion from the Canadian dollar amounts to about a penny and a half!).
DD said…
Maybe you can find a happy medium in all of this. Tell him that you hope he is having a good time and that you are glad you two are getting to know each other. Then casually say talk to you later or take care. End with something light because the last thing you say is what they usually remember. Good luck! :)
Amy said…
I would wait. You have a higher chance of scaring him off by telling him than to keep him around. I know it is hard. When I met my husband, I knew a week later that he was the man I wanted to marry, but I dare not tell him! Most guys dig chics how are aloof and not clingy. Let him know by your actions and expressions. And all the while repeat to yourself "This is not a big deal, he is not a big deal, I am one cool chic, I am SO COOL." Say it over and over and over. It just might work.
brent said…
its probably too late to offer advice as i missed this post yesterday! :) but i'd sort of act chill and not go too heavy with it even though that is how you feel. you could leave a vmail that says, i had a good time at dinner last night, hope you are having a good day. something simple like that. or i had a good time at lunch, or coffee etc. keep a little mystery and challenge to the whole deal. does this make any sense? maybe i'm looking at this all wrong.
brent said…
like maybe he asks you out to dinner some time and you reply with, "oh i'd like to but i'm going out with the girls that night!". heehee. keep him guessing for a while. maybe i like too much of a challenge though.
Beatte said…
hee hee... I like Brent's advice about keeping the mystery in there, but not too much mystery! LOL

I do find that men are more intrigued by coyness, for whatever reason. That kind of thing normally makes girls nervous! :D

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