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Thursday afternoon. There's nothing like a story of real suffering to help you see how insipid your own little gripes really are. Savannah Loftis needs a liver transplant and is being denied coverage under Medicaid. If you'd like to try to get her local congressman to intervene, click here, choose Casework Request for your topic and then paste the following into the message dialogue box:

I would like to ask the congressman to intervene in the case of Savannah Loftis, a little girl who needs a liver transplant and has been denied coverage under Medicaid. For more information on her case, please visit http://www3.caringbridge.org/nc/savannah/.

It won't take much of your time and it might just make a big difference in a little girl's life. Oh, and, if you think about it, take a moment today to appreciate how good your own life is, especially in comparison to this family's situation - I know that I will.


Shrinking Girl said…
I think that this is absolutely disgraceful. I mean, I know that our system of health care is far from perfect but trust me, here in Ontario, she'd be covered under the provincial health insurance scheme, just like everyone is. She'd still be waiting for the surgery but at least there would be a light at the end of the tunnel.
ABC said…
Hey Denise! I read a blog from a girl (Angi) whose best friend is the mother of Savannah. She gives lots of updates on Savannah all of the time, and I gave her your blog address in case you are interested in keeping up with that sweet little girl. Angi's blog is password-protected, which is why I gave her your blog instead of giving you hers. Hopefully she'll contact you!
Anonymous said…
Denise, you are a lady with a extremely large, kind and loving heart. Never change!

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