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Wednesday evening. Today is my second day home from work with a cold. I'm starting to feel better - finally - and am a little terrified of what I will find when I go back to work. This time of year is grueling for the managers and, although I've been keeping up with email, I'm still worried about what I'm not "up" on.

I talked with Alcott's case manager today in preparation for a difficult conversation we're going to be having with the kid tomorrow. I might not be Alcott's bestest friend ever afterwards for a bit, which saddens me, but that's part of what I signed on for when I agreed to do this job. The case manager was reassuring about Alcott's ability to process and work through what we're going to talk about and I'm sure that he will, too, but this is the first time I've had to be part of the tough decisions on his case and it's a tough milestone.

The cute boy, whose name I will not use until we're officially "dating", is putting on a symposium this week at work, so I've not spoken with him since leaving his house Sunday night. He warned me that it would be Friday before I'd hear from him, which I really do think is considerate. If I have appropriate expectations, I tend not to freak out nearly as much. I'm also realizing that he has a very different communication style than I'm used to and that I need not to read anything into what he writes or says other than exactly what's been said. If he only writes a one line email, it's not that he's mad or disinterested, it's that what he has to say only takes a line to say. In some ways, it's really refreshing and the realization made me smile. If I don't have to read anything else in, it's just a lot less work to be in a relationship, you know?

Oh, and, by the way, the whole "putting a hold on your check" thing at the banks really stinks. Hello, it's written on a major bank and it's obviously official because it's laser printed and everything, but they're going to deny me the right to use the full amount of the check for two weeks. I really need that money now but I'll just find ways to not spend any money without having food in the house. Seriously, money can be a real downer.


Anonymous said…
I hate it when they put a hold on your check. I've had that happen twice!
Anonymous said…
I just found your blog. I thought I was the only person overweight in San Diego! Thank heavens I'm not alone!*sigh of relief*
Anonymous said…
you made me grin about the one line email thing. i used to get all upset coz my boyfriend (now hubby) didn't have much in the way of punctuation in his messages. how i am sposed to know how he feels with exclamations!?!?!?!!! but then i saw him writing emails for work and friends and family and realised that's just how he does it. must be a boy thing... :)
M@rla said…
I demand a pseudonym for this boy, or I'm going to have to make one up for you!
betsy said…
I hope you feel better soon, and good luck with the talk with Alcott.
Michele said…
Hello Ms Wonderful,

Good luck with Alcott and have fun on the date, it is not a request, in it an expectation. And yes, often a few short words is simply the best way to communicate...this way every word counts.


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