In which our heroine behaves childishly

Friday afternoon. I do not wish to be here, at my desk, any longer. I'm tired, I'm fidgety, and I've finished reading my entire Blogroll. (I was going to rant about how everyone needs to post more often until I remembered that I've not been good about that, either.)

OK, I know that I said I wasn't going to jinx things with He Who Does Not Have a Cute Blog Name (HWDNHaCBN) by writing excessively about him, but he's on my mind this afternoon and I wish he'd call. He set perfectly reasonable expectations with me this week by telling me back on Monday that he'd be tied up with work until Friday and that I wouldn't hear from him until then (refreshingly little ambiguity, eh? LOL) and I've been fine with that up until this afternoon. Right now, I just want to hop in Esme the Escape, point her nose north up I-5, and sit on his doorstep until he gets home so that I can curl up on his couch in his messy apartment and just be there. No, he probably wouldn't cuddle or be demonstrative - I don't think that's his style - but we'd be together and that just sounds heavenly right now. I hope he calls tonight. Actually, I wish he'd call right now. Or now.

I'm getting my hair cut tonight and am mildly anxious, as my Overly Pretty Hairstylist Guy (OPHG) might have tried to ask me out last time - I think he did but I'm not sure if he was kidding or just flirting. Now I'm thinking about what will happen if he really did ask last time and does the same this time. I mean, I'm dating someone, although I'm not sure if it's exclusive or not but it had better be because, um, well, you know...we're physically involved, and I'm not the type of girl that dates more than one guy. Especially not when I'm, um, you know, with one of them. But what if we're not exclusive? What if we're just on date number two (which we are) and are casually dating...what are the rules then? But how can it be casual and, um, physical simultaneously??? See, this is why being physical too quickly is such a bad, bad, no-good-at-all idea!

Must stop freaking out. Stop! Now! Or now.

Oh, and I've definitely decided on a blog name for the person I'm dating (or not). From here on out, he shall be known as TCB - the cute boy. I reserve the right, of course, to change that on a whim as I figure things out. (Gosh, I really hope I figure things out!)

Dating shouldn't give you a headache, should it? Call, darnit, call!


Anonymous said…
Okay, so it's 8:30 PM now...did he call yet?????
Unknown said…
Unfortunately sweetie, dating is nothing but one big headache. Glad things are going so well with you and TCB.
Alda said…
Denise, I'm sorry, but I loved reading this post. Only because YOU ARE SUCH AN EXCELLENT WRITER! I smiled all the way through, simply because of the way you wrote it. If this guy doesn't understand what a smart, sassy lady he's got waiting for his call, I'd say he's not worth it. So there. :)
M@rla said…
"The Cute Boy" or "The Country's Best BOOTY"! Eh? Eh?

sorry, obviously I don't have anything constructive to say.

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