In which our heroine drinks some wine and becomes maudlin

Friday night. No call. Not that I should have expected one. I know he had a really long week at work and was all in, but part of me wonders how "into" me he can be if he didn't call. I know he's a man of few words, but wouldn't he still be rushing off to the phone if he really liked me? [UPDATE next morning: I had an email waiting for me this morning from 9:42pm last night - he hadn't saved my numbers to his sim chip in his phone and he's been using a different phone, so no numbers for me. He's a really straightforward kind of guy, so I'm pretty sure it's true because it would be too much work to come up with a lie. Besides, it wasn't even 10pm yet and he was home for the night on a Friday. I really, seriously need to stop worrying about this guy!]

The hairstylist didn't come right out and ask me out, but he remarked upon my "sexy dress", my "hot looking" shoes, and just generally was suggestive the entire time he was cutting my hair. To be honest, it really got to be a bit much and I think he's just putting it on, so I had half a mind not to leave a tip at all, just to show him what I thought of it. I mean, there's no way that he's actually interested, and, while a little flirting never hurt, it just seemed a bit too over the top. I've half a mind to call and cancel my next appointment and go back to my former stylist. The only reason that I switched, some of my intrepid readers might remember, was to save money. I think I might just need to suck it up and pay the extra!

After a well-meaning reader pointed out that it was getting late and I still hadn't heard from TCB, I pulled out a bottle of late harvest zinfandel from Castoro Cellars and began to drink. I've finished about half of the bottle and it's 18.5% alcohol, so I'm definitely feeling no pain. I'm a bit sweaty and questioning the wisdom of having any more, but it's really tasty and it's making things all blurry and happy, which is a good thing. I'm afraid that, absent the wine, I'd just be sitting here thinking about how I've got a perverted hairdresser and one cute but not calling boy interested in me and what that says, exactly, about me. For goodness' sakes, can't I just find someone that likes me and that I like who is crazy about me without being filthy about it? I just want something nice and normal - is that too much to ask?


brent said…
nice and normal is not too much to ask. you'd think it would be easy to fulfill those requirments but, not so much sometimes. i second that question.

hope you didn't drink it all...hehe ;)
Alda said…
He sounds nice! Home on a Friday night AND he wrote you an email... ok, it would have been better had he been so consumed by passion that he'd come knocking on your door, but dramatics aside I'd say STOP WORRYING SO MUCH!
Anonymous said…
I tend to prefer the type of guy you are dating, actually. They make me feel more secure because they aren't pressing too hard, but aren't disappearing entirely. I like passion, but I prefer to see it come out when we are together physically, and not in the whole "calling me every day, asking me when we can go out again before the current date is even over" scenario.

Although I prefer the strong, silent type I'm constantly dating the overly enthusiastic type. I don't fault those guys at all, but since it is kind of a turn off for me, it's kind of frustrating!

As for your hairdresser, if you like what he does with your hair, why not stick with it? Do you think he might be gay? In that case, he might just be "acting fabulous" as my gay friends call it -- gay men tend to feel comfortable around women who seem approachable and who dress very well, as I know you do. That will sometimes translate into suggestive compliments.

On the other hand, I've never had a male hairdresser, and the only beauticians I know are women, but they say that the first thing you learn is that you shouldn't flirt with customers, even if you want something to happen, because it makes people uncomfortable, even when they are interested. The issue is the whole customer/vendor situation, where you don't want to have the person you are buying a service from cross a line. So, if he's straight and he follows this "unwritten rule," he must really want you to notice him in order to break it.

Also, from what I have gathered (even though I can't seem to personally follow this credo), it's OK to date anyone you want until you explicity discuss an exclusive relationship, physical relationship or no.

But that never works for me -- I can only seem to concentrate on one guy at a time. It's so lame, I know -- but, there it is.

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