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Sunday night. I don't know how to describe my date with TCB other than to say that he left tonight, reluctantly, at about 8pm after over 26 hours together and I was sorry to see him go. We went to the movies, we got a late dinner, we browsed Barnes & Nob1e, and we went to my place. I was surprised (pleasantly) when he fell asleep and just settled in for the night in my room and it was wonderful waking up next to him, too. After, um, a good morning cuddle, I thought for sure he'd announce that he was leaving and would see me soon, but instead he asked if I wanted breakfast. After two quick showers - one each - we set off for breakfast at the beach and a walk around La Jolla (ritzy beach village in San Diego). Again, I headed for home assuming that he'd be wanting to go, as he asked if we could go walk around Mission Bay. I think that, at this point, I must literally have been glowing with happiness and confidence. I wanted to scream, "this cute boy likes me...he could go out with any girl he wanted to, he's this great catch, and he likes me!" Instead, I just walked next to him - I'd guess about 2-1/2 miles - joking, laughing, and just chatting about every thing that came into my mind. He didn't even mind when the other CASA called to tell me about the tragedy that had befallen Alcott's oldest brother's brand new iPod and actually told me to take the call because it was important. As we drove from the Bay to my house, I was certain that he'd be leaving as soon as I gave him an allergy tab (poor thing has terrible sinus problems), but he sat down, put on the news channel, and proceeded to fall asleep in my big, velvet comfy chair. He napped and I napped on the couch for about an hour, and, when we woke up, he asked what my plans were for dinner. Dinner! With TCB! Heaven. OK, it was only fish and chips, but it was a little piece of heaven for me. Yes, he did go home after dinner, but it was with great reluctance, and I say that because it was palpable in the room.

No kissy facing, no cuddling in public, but I can just feel that I'm becoming important to him. Does that make sense? I'm sure to some this seems boring and bland, but, to me, it's actually starting to sound really good. The overly emotional, over the top guys that I'm usually attracted to just play into my drama queen tendencies, so a man who doesn't play games or mince his words could be a real help in making my life more moderate, less extreme. Oh, did I mention that he invited me to a public function involving his work in 11 days? That has to be a good sign, right?

You know, I hope he's not thinking I'm a "friend with benefits"...that would really suck!


Anonymous said…
Sounds like the perfect beginning to a great relationship to me!

Enjoy the hell out of it! ;)
M@rla said…
"Invited to public event" does not equal "friend with benefits"!

It all sounds wonderful, please enjoy the hell out of it.
Mia Goddess said…
You so deserve this - enjoy it, enjoy him, and enjoy yourself with him.
xoxo Mia
betsy said…
This is fun! I feel like I just went on a first date, you are so full of energy! I'm happy for you Denise!
Anonymous said…
Awww! I am so glad you had a great time! Keep us posted! ;)
Mamato2boys said…
OK Denise~ Get that thought out of your head "friend with benefits" BAH!
This guy sounds so fun. I was sitting here at my desk reading with the giddiest smile on my face. Thank you for that on a Monday morning.

26 hours straight. I don't know if I could handle myself for that long :o)
YAY for an awesome weekend!!

smooches xx
ABC said…
Oh, no, no, no! This is NOT a "friends with benefits" kind of thing. I definitely don't think so! This is a cool, exciting thing, so have fun and don't worry! And I also think that his inviting you to that event is, indeed, a wonderful sign! Hooray!
Anonymous said…
I'm so jealous! He sounds like a winner. And, he wouldn't invite you to a work function if you were just a FWB.

As I think I've mentioned before, I prefer guys who aren't into the public displays of affection, cos that is how I would rather do it, myself. Holding hands or walking arm-in-arm is about all I want to do. And, I like a guy who is more even-keel and shows me his affection in other ways.

So, I'm totally jealous and green with envy!!! LOL Enjoy yourself with TCB!
Anonymous said…
He sounds so sweet. No way is this a friends with benefits deal. Enjoy him and be yourself.
Noames said…
Yay--soooo fun. And he definitely sounds WAY too into you to be looking for FWB.

Enjoy it!
Alda said…
Just catching up, and look how things have moved on with you! This sounds so *so* great - I hope you can just let go and enjoy it!
Unknown said…
Sounds to me like you've got more than an FWB on your hands. Good for you. Just keep being the sweet, wonderful inspiring person you are. From the way it sounds he sees all of that too:)

By the way, there's nothing wrong with an FWB every now and then;)

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