The mystery of TCB and Denise continues and Denise starts thinking in terms of a "career path"

Monday evening. Not a lot to report on the TCB front this weekend, as the poor guy had a terrible migraine Friday and Saturday, so I just brought up steaks, corn on the cob, and salad fixings and we BBQd last night at his place. A few positives, though: his whole face seemed to light up when I walked through the door (although I suppose it could have been hunger) and he introduced me to his upstairs neighbor (although it was "Wes, this is Denise," not, "this is my girlfriend, Denise," but I'm not getting hung up on that because, frankly, I think I probably would do the same thing if we ran into friends of mine at this point). Oh, and I checked my email after getting home at 11:30pm last night before sending him an email message telling him I'd gotten home OK (I didn't want to wake him up if he'd gone to bed already so no call). I got an immediate response saying that he'd been going to bed, was worried that I might not have gotten home safely, and then had heard the new message ding and found my message. Is it wrong that I nearly cried when I read that???

Let's see, as far as the TPC goes, things are scooting along. No perfect days as yet but the activity level is moving up and I'm getting some each day, so I just need to focus more on why I'm not sticking to the eating plan and I'd be making more progress on the scale. On the whole, however, I'm really pleased with the way that I feel and the way that I'm treating myself both mentally and outwardly. I might not be the thin, fit girl that I would like to be, but I'm pretty darned OK just as I am. My positive thing for the last few days is the smile on TCB's face when I walked through the door - every girl should experience that at least once in her lifetime!

Here at VLSCI, I've taken the first steps toward establishing that I'm interested in having a career path. Now, understand that I've been a project manager for the past 10 years for the same department doing roughly the same job. I could probably continue doing this for at least the next few years, but I'm not going to go any higher in the company on that path. In the last week, several positions have opened up within the same business unit, different functional units, any of which would establish me firmly as a player in the mix of folks interested in moving up in the company. After talking to my manager (also a good friend and former colleague) who's known me for 13 years now, I've decided to express interest in each of the three open positions and see what happens. Funny thing is, I can count the number of interviews I've done on one hand: four. This is a new and odd experience. One major plus for me, however, is that I'm in a good position now - one that I love - so it's a total win for me no matter what happens. Still, it's scary to contemplate changing roles at this point after doing this for such a long time, but perhaps that's the best reason of all to do it.

For Mae, here's a list of commonly used terms on my site:

TCB - the cute boy, the boy I'm seeing, the boy I like

TPC - Ten Percent Challenge, my attempt to get my life back onto a healthy path mentally and physically

VLSCI - Very Large Software Corporation Inc, where I work

CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocate, this is the volunteer work that I do with a 14 year old foster child to whom I've given the pseudonym Alcott for this site (go here for more info)


La said…
Ah, I was also wondering what TPC was (almost confused it with TCB). Here's one more for you: DMT - Damn Marathon Training! Can't wait to read your posts on that one. Las Vegas sounds like a great goal.
Ally said…
I spent literally *months* actually physically unable to introduce my new boyfriend as 'my boyfriend'. I used to fumble around with 'friend'. Wierd :).
M@rla said…
Whenever an acquaintance sees me with Bucko and says "was that your husband?" I always say "no that's my boyfriend, my husband has blond hair."

Yeah, umm, after 22 years of marriage it's hard for me to relate to this problem you're having!

also: please feel free to spell out a-s-s when you comment on my page - it turns me on!

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