Please, no more graduations - I'll be good!

Friday morning. Omigosh, I'm tired. Two graduations in the last 36 hours and one still to come this morning. I brought Alcott's older brother with me to Alcott's graduation Wednesday night and also took two of his younger siblings home afterwards, then brought Alcott and his older brother to their middle brother's graduation yesterday morning at 8:30am. I had to get two teenaged boys out of bed and ready to go before 7:30 in the morning on a day without school! Fortunately for me, they are both extraordinarily good boys and were ready when I walked through the doors for them. We have one more, this morning, for his sister and youngest brother, so it's another early morning wake-up call for the boys and me, love their hearts. Of course, they can go home and vegg whereas I will be going to work afterwards. Ah, well, tomorrow is Saturday and I can sleep in, so that's okey dokey.

I was going to write something insightful and clever, but have decided to take a quick nap instead, so, um, g'night.


theaddict said…
Sounds to me like you are keeping busy, but in a good way. :)

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