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Saturday night. I need to make this quick because TCB will be here soon to take me to the movies. (Woohoo!) I just wanted to share with all of you the sweetest thing ever: Alcott's 11-year-old brother today told me that he didn't have any buddies because all of the kids in his cottage hated him and were always taking his stuff, so he said I could be his buddy! Oh my gosh, if I'd been PMSing, I so would have been a blubbering mess of girly girl. It was all that I could do to say something about how having buddies was a very good thing and that I'd be very happy to be his. Yeah, he could have been playing on my emotions, but it was right at the end of our visit, so he knew I wasn't going to buy anything else for him, and I think it might have been genuine. Poor baby, he's such a good, sweet boy inside and everyone just sees Mr. Tough Guy with anger issues. To me, he's my cuddly wuddly guy and I have to agree with Alcott: he's my favorite, too.


Mamato2boys said…
Oh how I love little boys. I love getting to know the little boy that always is alive under the rough exterior. He sounds like a doll. Can't wait for updates on the TCB. I can only think of frozen yogurt when I read that though. So have your TCB with some hot Fudge and whip cream ;o)

Smooches xx
Michele said…
Aww, see now you even have me saying (rather writing) aww to Alcott's remark.

Okay, TCB update please. **tapping fingers**
Oh, he called, he called! Looking forward to hearing about the movie date.

And if TCB doesn't work out, at least you have Alcott AND his brother to do stuff with!

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