Update on Daddy and TCB

Monday morning. First things first, I saw Daddy on Saturday morning for a Father's Day lunch and I was just floored at how wonderful he looks. Do you know that he's lost 45 pounds since April 19th??? Oh my gosh, I can't remember the last time he looked so good! I am so completely and utterly proud of him and the hard work he's put in and continues to put in with his cardiac rehab program (three days a week of circuit training at the hospital gym with appropriate medical supervision and direction). Seriously, this man just had major heart surgery and is now well on his way to better health - if that's not inspiring, I don't know what is!

On to TCB. Well, if I'd been paying attention, I probably would have heard that he had a formal dinner to attend Friday night as part of the trip, and then I wouldn't have gotten worried when he didn't call on Saturday. Duh, Denise! He didn't get home until Saturday night and was beat from the drive, but he called bright and early Sunday morning and we spent all of Sunday afternoon and evening together. At a certain point in the evening, I started thinking about how sunburned I was, and how tired, and said that I didn't want to but that I'd better get going. His reply? "Why not stay? I'll wake you up in plenty of time to drive home tomorrow and get ready for work." I felt all warm and tingly when he said that, but then I remembered that my healthy prepared meals had been delivered about 6pm and aren't packed to sit outside for more than 12 hours, so I reluctantly drove home. To be honest, I don't know if I'd have been able to sleep anyway, as that's always really tough for me (sleeping next to someone), and I'd like to test it out when neither of us has to get up early the next morning, but I'm really flattered that he offered. We're going to the Padres game on Wednesday with his group from work, so that ought to be interesting. TCB and the Padres - two of my favorite things!


Brooke said…
This guy does sound just dandy. He's introducing you to his friends at work (that is HUGE), asking you to stay over. It sounds like he's just not much of a caller/emailer, and a lot of people aren't. The electonic age has made instant-communicators out of some of us... but for others, it hasn't had any effect.

He sounds like he's all about the Denise. He sounds great, actually!
Anonymous said…
Did you tell him why you had to go home? I always feel that talking about our weight loss issues with a man is like talking about our periods. They know it's happening, but they don't want to hear the gruesome details. lol

Plus, at this stage - it's good to remain a bit mysterious. Don't let on how much you are head over heels for him yet.
Shannin said…
I am so happy to hear about your dad. What progress.

As far as your friend, I think it sounds like things are going well.

Things are going to come together for you -- I know it!
ABC said…
That is such great news about your dad! I am so excited for him regarding his newfound health, and it sounds like he has really made some changes that will stick!

Also, glad you're feeling better about all things TCB and weight-related. One day at a time!
Rebecca said…
I bet you are so proud of your dad! That is awesome! :)
Mamato2boys said…
Your dad is awesome! I was thinking of you two on Sunday! That is so promising that he has stuck to his program and is having such fabulous results. I bet he feels a million times better than he did even before the heart surgery!

I will be thinking of you enjoying the beautiful sun. You will have a great view right at your side and the padres aren't too shabby to look at either!

Have a great time!
Mia Goddess said…
Go, Daddy-O! That's awesome news! And TCB sounds like a total honey - we like that. :)
Argy said…
Your dad is a star! Tell him I said so!!!! Such a sweet man he is, he replied to my email, did I ever tell you?
And TCB sounds like a true cute boy...with nice attitude too!
I miss you you know, and I think so often of you!
Lots of love!!!

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