Who's a happy girl?

Monday morning. Wow, I haven't been here in a while, have I? No great revelations have been had, no overhauling of eating or exercise has been done, but I'm loving my life. Yes, I'm 80-ish pounds overweight and not heading in the right direction on the scale, but that's just one part of me. (I know it's the part that is the foundation of this site, but bear with me here.)

This weekend I (in chronological order):
* Took Alcott and his older brother to their sister's birthday party. Twenty kids, a dog, a baby, Dance Dance Revolution, "my" kid, and me. Fun even with the start of a cold and even though I really wanted to fall asleep on the couch. Highlight of the day was when the oldest kid pushed the birthday girl's face into her cake.

* Got all of my ironing done. Is there a more satisfying feeling than pressing the ugly wrinkles out of a favorite piece of clothing? Never mind that I can no longer fit into about 1/3 of what I carefully pressed and hung in the closet - I'll deal with that later.

* Talked to Mom. Daddy's appointment with his cardiologist went well and he'll be starting the official cardiac rehab program at the hospital this week. (Not sure how the whole "working out in front of people" thing will work as my dad just does not do sweat pants or tshirts. Not.)

* Took Alcott and his older brother to their sister's ice skating party. We had a little hair gel emergency (he ran out - horror!) and several of the other kids (not Alcott's siblings) seemed bound and determined to push each of my buttons, but that just made me appreciate "our" kids even more. Holding a wriggling (newly minted) eleven year old on your lap and cuddling him against his will is just the best thing! The many Hello Kitty gifts were a great hit, no one sustained severe injuries, and I managed not to skate without catching too much grief from anyone. Did I mention how cute Alcott's older brother looked in my "Denver, Colorado" sweatshirt over his hip and cool warm-ups? He's such the stylin' dude and he was wearing my little, old grandma sweatshirt - only for his sister would he do such a thing.

* Went on a date. Saw Star Wars. Laughed and flirted and joked with the sweet boy. Talked about his upcoming formal dinner for work. Yes, it's the same guy. Yes, he did call me after what we will refer to from here on out as The First Date that Went Awry (FDtWA). No, it doesn't seem to have hurt our relationship (if you can call it that after two dates). Yes, I overreacted, but hear me now and hear me clearly, if anyone even thinks the words DRAMA QUEEN in relation to this website ever again, I will turn off comments and keep them off permanently. Guess what? It's my site and this is where I come to be as overwrought as I want. I don't do it anywhere else in my life and I want to retain my sanity, so either deal with it or don't - not my problem.

Let's end with something happy, shall we? Sometimes, even when your clothes don't fit and you can't seem to get your eating or exercise under control and you have to put off starting another class again because of scheduling problems...even then, life can be really beautiful. I'm going home now to my snug little abode with my baby kitties and the fish and the insanity that is my life. I'm so lucky!


Bless you, sweetie. I think everyone who knows you is lucky.

I loved the new Star Wars.

And, a date is a date, and nobody else's business. If you want advice, you'll ask for it.

Unless it's me, of course. Tee hee.
Argy said…
birthday parties! dates! family! that's my girl!!!

Im always getting so much of your entries, and am always thinking when I read them that thank god us "drama queens" have each other!!!! Because let's face it Denise, no matter how draining it can be, it is ALWAYS better to feel more than feel none!!!!

*hugs darling*
Alda said…
I missed the Post That Must Not Be Mentioned but hey, it couldn't have been that bad if you went on a second date. As for overreacting - as you so accurately point out, it's your party and you can cry if you want to!
betsy said…
You hot mama, another date!! =)
Uh, yeah, that bday party with 20+ kids sounds totally fun, NOT!!! Congrats on keeping your sanity!
Shannin said…
Glad there was a second date -- it does kind of take the bite off the first one. Sounds like you had a busy but fun weekend....
Anonymous said…
Good for you. I hope this "upward swing" continues for you for a long time.
ABC said…
Glad things are looking so sunny, as they should be for you! Your attitude is totally infectious; suddenly I am feeling great! Thanks!
Dawn said…
I'm on the other end of the county, in Lakeside... but I'm sure there will be a point in the near future when I'd be willing to drive anywhere to escape the heat. :-)

My June weekends are booked too full to escape for a while...but a friend of mine is home from school for the summer so our goal is to go "somewhere" for walks on Saturdays, starting in July... maybe we can coordinate then?

Congrats on the date!
Sounds like a great weekend! We all have our ups and downs. We just can't always get to a computer to express them when we do. Consider yourself fortunate to have that outlet.

So glad to hear about the 2nd date!
theaddict said…
It is really good to read that this guy actually did call, and you had a 2nd date. That is wonderful.
Jay said…
Wow, big weekend. So true that life can give us speed bumps that don't slow us down. Life is about the fun we have while living it.
Anonymous said…
Omigosh! I don't check up on you for a few days, and pop in to find that not only has he rung, but you have been on a date!
Yayyy you!
k said…
Wow, you are terribly wonderfully positive. it's nice to see :)

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