Hot, hot, hot!

Monday morning. No, this entry's title has nothing to do with TCB - get your minds out of the gutter, people! - it's all about the hot weather here in San Diego. You'd think, having just come back from Tucson where it rarely got below 100 while it was light outside, that I'd be OK with the 80s and 90s here, but I'm very unhappy. Heat makes me sad, angry, and nauseated, so it's just not a good thing for me.

In any case, sorry not to have posted between last Monday and now - oops! The training that I attended was fabulous and I learned several important things about myself as well as important leadership skills for my ongoing career and development efforts. I got home about 8:30pm on Friday night and basically just crashed out after watching a (very) little television. Saturday started with Junior League training from 9-noon on advocacy and how bills become laws in California - very interesting. After that, I raced off to the Voices 3-on-3 basketball event, where Alcott and his siblings were playing their hearts out in hopes of winning what was rumored to be a $50 gift card for each participant on the winning team. No one from our family got that distinction but we did have two on the 2nd place team and, as I told them, I'm proud of each of them for giving their best and for exhibiting good sportsmanship. (Don't I sound like the most annoying person ever???) After that, I zoomed up to TCB's abode and we did some home improvement shopping for his new condo both Saturday and yesterday. (Hello, IKEA???)

Ugh, it's hot and I need to take a shower so that I can get to work where it's air conditioned. Poor Dave and Abby (my kitties)...I hope they stay downstairs where it's cool all day!


Shannin said…
Ha! I would love the temps you are getting in SAN right now. It's not only hot but humid here. The one thing we have going for us is that we don't have to hear about rolling black outs and Stage 2 energy emergencies.
Try and stay cool...
Rebecca said…
You are one BUSY woman!!
theaddict said…
Please enjoy the heat while you can. I'd really love to be in it!
Welcome back! We've been up near 100 for a few days now, and I. have. had. enough.
Argy said…
tis hot here if its any consolation :)

I have been reading all your adventures and I have relaxed through your relaxation at the spa too!

I have missed you so much!!! But I have FINALLY internet at home and I am slowly catching up on my blog-social

I been a terrible creature of not having time to comment, just read, and I apologise!

btw...send me your address again, I am leaving soon for holidays and I want to send you a card!!!!

Big big hugs and kisses babes!

oops...should I have just sent you an email? lol

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