Long weekend and we're off to the spa!

Wednesday night. The last few days have not been particularly stellar ones for the TPC, but I can honestly say that I've been thinking positive thoughts about myself and my life and that I've gotten lots of activity in. Tomorrow at 4:30am, the taxi will arrive to take me to the airport and the beginning of my spa vacation, which will be wonderful. Before I leave, I need to weigh and measure myself so that I can see how much progress I make while I'm gone. Honestly, while a huge loss would be fabulous - I won't even pretend to be unmotivated by that! - I'm really much more focused on the relaxation and motivational effects of the week. I want to come home happy, healthy, glowing from the good food, exercise, yoga, and spa treatments, but mostly I want to be ready to take on the world and my journey to a healthy, fit life.

I had a lovely Independence Day weekend and hope you did, too (if you celebrate it) and I'm looking forward to a really wonderful July! Take some time today to experience a blissful moment and pay attention to how your heart feels - that's the brass ring, the thing that makes everything worthwhile, so savor it and look for lots of ways to bring more of it into your life.


Unknown said…
It's about 7:30 a.m. on this end of the country so I guess you're starting your vacay right now. Have a wonderful relaxing time and I hope you'll tell us all about it when you get back:)
betsy said…
The spa looks marvelous! Have a wonderful time Denise!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Have a wonderful, wonderful time! And next time you decide to go - give me some warning and I shall come too :)

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