Paradise Found

Thursday evening. It is exactly as I remembered it from my last visit and yet even better at the same time. Beautiful, restful, wonderful service, amazing food (the chocolate-orange mousse pie for dessert was TO DIE FOR), and great company, too. I met a couple at dinner who come here all the time and we chatted the entire meal. She belongs to the Junior League, too, and also volunteers with foster children. He is a lawyer who used to be in the military. They are, I would guess, just south of my parents' age, so in their late 50s, and just so happy. I want that!

Getting here had a few detours. Dallas had major thunderstorm activity this afternoon so, as we were landing, I noticed that lightning strikes seemed awfully close to the airport and just prayed that we got down before they closed the airport. Well, I got what I asked for, and our plane sat on the tarmac for 90 minutes while the airport stayed closed. (It could have been much worse. The lady I rode in the airport shuttle with said her flight circled the airport for two hours and then had to divert to Tulsa to pick up more fuel - icky.) Fortunately, my connector wasn't going anywhere and the girl at the desk flagged down the airport cart to whisk me to the gate, so I was just a little late getting here but none the worse for wear.

Can I tell you how much I'm looking forward to this? I think I might sleep in tomorrow just because I can and then start my day of activities. Of course, I just noticed that it's pouring down rain, so perhaps I'll be doing all indoor things tomorrow. Oops, that was lightning, too, and close. Are you not supposed to be on the phone or using electronic devices or something like that when it's lightning-ing? Will someone who lives where they have actual weather write me an email and tell me if I oughtn't be on my trusty laptop???

Gotta go, tonight's educational session/discovery activity is called "Healthy Hunger" and it's by the spa dietician, so you know I've got to go. Beside, I'm meeting Debbie and Dale (my dinner buddies) there.

Crap, that lightning is loud!


brent said…
heck yeah, i do everything during thunder/lightning storms. i'm a rebel! ha ha. i think its fine, unless you are outside on the phone, then i suppose its more risky. but for a lightning bolt to sneak into your room and zap you or the phone lines, its so unlikely.

sounds like a good, relaxing time!
M@rla said…
a poor start means a good vacation! you just relax and enjoy yourself, you bad girl. tell all when you have time. fedex me a slice of that mousse.
Anonymous said…
*Please* stay off the phone (landlines anyway) when there's a storm. Unlikely as it is, you CAN get fried during a storm. More likely is you'll fry your laptop. Also, stay out of the shower/bathtub. These things rarely happen, but they *do* happen. Better safe than sorry. There's a show on Discovery channel called Mythbusters where they prove or disprove various urban legends. Well, I just watched the other night, and they proved that you can get zapped on the phone or in the shower during the storm. Looks like my parents were right about at least one thing. ;)

Besides, the best thing to do during a storm is to turn the lights out and watch nature put on her show. :) Glad you enjoyed your trip.
Unknown said…
Yep, exactly what Kristin said (by the way Kristin, I LOVE Mythbusters too!). No electronic devices turned on during storms except lights and maybe an MP3 player or Walkman.

Glad you're having fun and yes, we would be wrecking havoc and having a totally wonderful time together there:)

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