How boring am I???

Tuesday morning. Even when work is crazy and I'm way behind on critical projects, I am so incredibly happy. Am I crazy? Have I lost it? No, I'm just really happy with where I am right now.

I went back to work yesterday morning at 7:45am (after having to stay over at TCB's because I was so exhausted from our moving adventures, so up at 4:45am!) and had an interview at 9am, another at 10am, my annual review at 11am, an interview at noon, an interview at 2:30pm, and an interview at 4pm. All of these meetings were an hour in length. Combine that with the 385 emails and the slew of seasonal staffing issues that piled up (I'm the seasonal coordinator for our department) and you can guess that it was a pretty hectic day. I was still grining from ear to ear. The interviews are all for two internal positions that I'd like to get but won't be crushed if I don't. I think, from what one of the interviewers told me, that I'm a front runner for one of the two, so that's nice, but I still love my current position, so it's all good regardless.

After work, I had a Advocacy Committee meeting for Junior League, which was great. Nice group of girls and great information. I'm so excited about getting involved again politically that I just can't tell you. I've even set up a Yahoo Group for the committee to facilitate communications. It's kind of a cool thing, really, being so involved with a group of smart, savvy women!

Oh, and my review? Fabulous beyond my wildest imagination. I got a great raise and a truly mind-blowing bonus plus some really nice things were said in the written part of the process. Yeah me!

I just love my life!!!


betsy said…
A raise, a bonus and a cute boy to share the day with? No reason not to be happy! Congrats on the review and good luck with the position!
ABC said…
Congrats on the all-around greatness in your life right now; you deserve it!
Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful day.
La said…
Awesome! And I'm only *partly* jealous. Good on ya!

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