What if your world could change in just a week

Tuesday afternoon. I started the week off knowing that I would have multiple interviews yesterday (it turned out to be five), but I guess it hadn't really, completely hit me what that could mean in the long run. Sort of like not using sunscreen and then realizing you've got quite a nasty burn on your shoulders a few hours later. In any case, I just found out that I've made it into the final round of interviewing and there's only one 30-minute interview with my organization's Director standing between me and the biggest change in my professional life since, well, ever. By the end of this week, I might not be working in the only department I've worked in since 1992, and it's just hit me what that means.

Big risks pay big dividends, right? Oh my God, I'm so nervous right now. I won't say "wish me luck" because I know that whatever decision is made will be the right one and that, if I'm chosen it will be because I'm qualified, but I will ask for positive thoughts that I don't throw up on the Director's shoes. (He has nice shoes!)

OK, here goes.

UPDATE: That did not go well. I used a couple of VLSCI (my pseudonym for the company I work for) buzzwords and then stumbled over the definition when he pressed me on what they meant to me. Darnit, I shouldn't have tried to sound like a corporate robot, I should have just talked from my heart. Oh, well, if I don't get it, I don't get it. My life is good regardless and I still have a great job!


Anonymous said…
Fingers crossed for you big time, though it sounds like you're in a real win-win situation. It's always nice to be offered new jobs though!

Congrats on the great review, what a lovely boost. You sound on top of the world at the moment and it's so nice to read. 'Ray for you!
Anonymous said…
So glad to see you living life to the fullest, love it!
M@rla said…
Good luck, sweetie! You're right, big risks pay big dividends, sometimes not the ones we expected, but it's all growth.
Anonymous said…
Your positive spirit was a great pick-me-up for me today! Goodluck, I can't wait to hear how it goes.

I would love to hear a little about the work you love, too. I'm about at the end of my rope with my job. I'm hoping that my weightloss (down 35lbs have 45 to go) will motivate me and give me the confidence to change jobs by the end of the year.

I'm so happy I came across your site today!
Keep us posted! Sounds like there are benefits either way it turns out.
Nell said…
Don't give up yet. We're pulling for you!
Anonymous said…
Hoping the best for you, Denise! That's a great attitude you have about the job prospect but regardless of that, I hope you nail it :)
Anonymous said…
My fingers are still crossed honey. What happened? I hope it all went well. I'm sure you did much better than you thought you did. Update. Update!
The Daily Rant said…
Love your website design!! Also, I hope you get the job you're interested in. You must really love what you're doing and the company you're with to be there since 1992!! :)

How is the weight loss coming along? I'm new to your site, so might have to read back to find out what you've done to lose it, but what program are you using??

Anyway...great blog!! Keep it up.
kris said…
Risks can be so awful, but we're usually glad we took them, right? Hope it pays off. :)

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