Friday morning. Even when I sleep well and get eight hours, I'm still exhausted - charming. I woke up this morning feeling as though I needed another night's worth of sleep and I'm still totally dragging as we speak. I'm tired of being tired!

On the home front, things might just be taking a better turn for Alcott, so keep your fingers crossed. I'm taking him to his brother's JV football game this afternoon, so I really hope he's not going to be miserable the whole time (because it will make it much tougher to enjoy the game - LOL).

For those of you watching the kittens' development with interest, they are crossing another milestone off of their charts as we speak: spaying and neutering. I never felt this guilty when I took Dave and Abby in, but I really do feel badly for Sally and Harry. Harry especially. He was just starting to really enjoy his, um, boy parts, and now they'll be gone. Really, really gone. My poor boy...I'll have to hug him extra tight tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning is my first Lighter Way class, which I'm very much looking forward to, then I need to take my dress for the Navy Ball in to the tailor's for alterations, then I'm going up to watch TCB's "under 10" soccer team play their second game of the season. Yea for weekends! I need to watch little kids playing soccer! I need to do yoga and walking and fitness wisdom classes to start my morning off right! I need to cuddle with kitties in the afternoon while watching TCB do something productive in the condo!

Bring on the weekend!!!

(By the way, TCB has asked for the URL to this site, so we will all have to be more circumspect in anything we might say about him. Well, it's really only me, but that's OK.)


Anonymous said…
I do hope you enjoy your weekend! Do we erase all of those racy comments about the boyfriend now? :~)
Anonymous said…
oh really, so does that mean you are removing the link to the other blog as well?
Shannin said…
Sounds like you have the perfect weekend planned. Hope you are able to recharge your batteries...
Anonymous said…
Oh Denise,

You sound in so much a better place than a month ago. You are so blesed with resilience. That's one of the many reasons I keep reading your blog. There is such a depth of positivity in you.

Last month when you were down about the weight you're struggling with, I wanted to tell you you that it IS a life-long struggle for many of us (I'm 53 and have been struggling with it since about age 10), but it is possible to learn lots of things that will help you eventually get a handle on living the kind of fit and healthy life you long to. Just keep on keepin' on. You're headed toward a better place.

Now I'm going back to read your last few posts to see what's new.

Take good care of yourself, Denise.
Unknown said…
I'm going to chime in and agree with what Elizabeth said, it's your positivity and resilliance that keep drawing me back here. Just when I'm down, just when I'm feeling my lowest, you put a post up that brings things back into focus for me.

Thank you!

Sounds like a divine weekend :)
Alda said…
You didn't *give* it to him, did you? [gasp!]
betsy said…
Well, it must have been a GOOD weekend....too good to update for your readers, eh? Hmmmph!!!

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