Saturday morning (v. early). The lovely and talented Georgia, who I'm sucking up to in hopes of becoming a background character in her upcoming novel, informs me that she tagged me like a week ago, so here's my take on a list of Seven Things I'd Never Do - we're going to do Six Things I've Done and One Thing I'd Never Do instead. Doesn't that sound like fun??? C'mon, you know you're intrigued!

1. Kiss a total stranger in a bar. With tongue.

2. Flash a bartender just to get some beads. With work colleagues lurking.

3. Make friends with someone solely on the basis of their sporting a fabulous handbag.

4. Smoke pot. Ever.

5. Bring a friend to a political function who proceeded to throw up on the candidate's shoes.

6. Keep a 2 carat solitaire engagement ring after I'd said no to the marriage proposal.

7. Dress my beloved kitty, Dave, up as Count Catula for Halloween and then take his picture.

OK, so that's it. If it amuses you to do so, you may guess which of the above I really would never do. I will reveal the correct answer tomorrow.

Oh, and I'm tagging Beatte and Shannin just because I'm interested to see what would make their lists.

UPDATE (Monday night): The correct answer is #4 - I've never even had the slightest urge to smoke pot. Yes, I know that I'm the only person alive that can say that and no, I'm not planning to change that statistic now.


Brooke said…
Well, I KNOW you did that tongue thing, you bad girl. (snap snap)

I'm guessing... the engagement ring. That was the one shocker of the whole bunch. I too have vomiting friends and what are pets for if not to dress up for Halloween?
Anonymous said…
I'm going for #3. You just don't seem like a "friend for handbags" type of gal. And if it's #4 I'll eat my hat. You'll be just about the first person I've ever met who doesn't (hasn't) smoked pot.
Anonymous said…
I was thinking #3 too. Just because that's the only thing that I wouldn't or haven't done. Everything else I definitely would do :-)
Shannin said…
I think it's the engagement ring as well, although I know you made a friend who had a fab handbag I don't know if that was the impeteus of the friendship or not...
Suzy Snow said…
I'm going with the engagement ring. I have an impression of you as a charitable person who does not put such high esteem on material things. I could be wrong, but if you did that, you must have been very young.
theaddict said…
I will go with smoking pot as well. That was a tough list girl.
Anonymous said…
I have never had the slightest urge to smoke pot either sweetie. And I'm all about the flashing! Ha! Cute kitty pic!

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