A day trip to the Bay Area

I needed a haircut, so I went to San Francisco for a few hours (6.5 hours, to be exact).

Before you ask yourself if I'm crazy, consider this:

1. My long-time stylist, Nicole, moved to San Francisco for a few years last year.

2. Since Nicole's departure, I've just been getting very basic, boring cuts.

3. These basic, boring cuts have been wearing on me and nearly caused me to lose my mind while preparing for the Navy Ball that I recently attended with TCB.

4. Southwest Airlines makes it very easy and inexpensive to pop between the Bay Area and San Diego.

So, I spent about $100 more than I would have in San Diego but got a great lunch with Nicole in a city that I love as well as a few hours of browsing stores along Market Street before heading back to Oakland Airport on BART.

(Cool cut, by the way. I'd put up a picture but then you'd have to see me and that's just not something I'm comfortable with right now. Something about the 15 chins I'm currently sporting.)


Anonymous said…
*waves from nearby San Jose area*
Annie @ therriault.blogdrive.com

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