Operation Baby Steps, Day 1 - Take 2

Friday morning. OK, today is try number two for my first of 12 perfect days on program.

1. Had a healthy prepared meal for breakfast, a skinny latte with sugar-free hazelnut from Starbucks,

2. Apple juice and a banana with breakfast (3 fruits),

3. No water as yet

4. No exercise as yet

Another day another chance to get this right. We'll see.


La said…
That's OK... just keep doing it. Some days will be good and some will be not so good. You only fail if you quit.
yvonne said…
Honey, every day is a new day. One of these days is gonna be MY new day -- maybe then I'll be eligible to join YOUR club. :-)

theaddict said…
Sounds to me like you're doing a great job. Making a small goal for 12 days sounds good. I think you're on to something.
Anonymous said…
You are doing faboo!

I am joining with you, but I'm just trying to at least do a week of perfect program, ha...day two!
Looking forward to your next update...which is late!

And no fair using the Angels as an excuse.

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