Operation Baby Steps, Day 1

Thursday morning. Well, after a disappointing loss last night (we wuz robbed!!!), I've decided that it's time to start anew. Yes, that means the Angels, but I'm also referring to my weight loss/fitness efforts. To that end, following Governor Huckabee's advice, I'm telling all of you about what I'm doing and am committing to being letter perfect to my plan (such as it is) for 12 straight days. (It's not that I'll stop the plan after 12 days, but I'll be able to allow myself some latitude in what I eat or how many days I work out.

For the next 12 days, I pledge to do the following each day:

1. Keep my calories under 2,000
2. Eat my five fruits and veggies
3. Drink at least 64 ounces of water
4. Walk for at least 15 minutes
5. Come here and report how I've done

In order to satify #5, here's my report so far:

1. Had a healthy prepared meal for breakfast, another one for lunch, a decaf skinny latte with sugar-free caramel as a snack, a footlong grilled chicken sandwich on wheat bread with Baked Doritos from Subway [note that, had the day ended here, I'd have been perfect for the day], and a bagged salad with Ranch dressing and croutons. Bummer
2. Had three strawberries (1 fruit) with breakfast, a cup of melon with lunch (1 fruit), several cups of lettuce with lunch (2 veggies), some onion and cucumber (1 veggie) with lunch, lettuce, cucumbers, bell peppers, olives, pickles, and pepperoncinis(sp?) with my sandwich for dinner, and lettuce in my bagged salad. Success!
3. Seventy-four total ounces for the day. Success!
4. No walking. None. Bummer-oo

And, as for my Angels, come on home, boys, we've got your backs!!!

Final Score: Try again tomorrow.


Shannin said…
I think this is a great first step! Sometimes writing things down and having to be accountable for your actions helps you get some focus and perspective.

I've been using Nutradiary.com instead of Fitday.com - I like it a lot more and it gives you a place to count your fruit and veggies as well as your water intake.
Unknown said…
Good for you! It's never easy to start over again but it sounds to me like you've got a good start.

And don't I feel like a big DUH! Happy birthday chica:)
La said…
Hey, glad to hear you're back on track! And "Happy Day After Your Birthday"! I'm also using nutridiary and quite like it. It's great to have people to be accountable to - but don't forget that you are ultimately accountable to yourself, which is probably MORE important!
Marisa said…
Good steps Denise! Have a great 12 days. I may even joing you!
Anonymous said…
Well done, not a bad effortfor your first day back on track :) If I can make one suggestion, which has helped me IMMENSELY...I found that it was easier to stop lusting after the bad things if I change the way I had the substitutes ...ie try cutting out the caramel with your decafskimlatte...you can do it gradually ... aftera while you'll get used to the taste without the extra sugary caramel taste hit ... and you won't miss it :) Good on you Denise, keep on going, you'll get there!

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