I've been hit by the nasty cold and flu bug

Wednesday night. Curse all of my co-workers who've been going to work even when sick!!! Yes, I've now got a charming little head cold (on the same morning that I woke up to TTOM, over a week late and with killer cramps). I feel like poop and I stayed home today to rest and (hopefully) stave off yet worse symptoms down the road. Of course, everyone knows that calories eaten when you're sick don't count, so I had a big old huge binge on the couch while stuffing my feelings away. Yup, I ate until I was numb and then laid there, feeling sorry for myself.

Actually, surprisingly, I didn't binge today. I had several opportunities and I did eat more than I could have (killer chocolate chip muffin and a Coke Slurpee in addition to my healthy meals), but this was the most "on plan" day I've had since, um, June? I bought sugar free popsicles for my sore throat, drank lots of water, kept my appointment with the eating disorder therapist, and then - shock! - walked for 12 minutes on my treadmill when I got home. I'm a little hungry right now and, if I had a piece of fruit in the house, I'd definitely eat it, but the satisfaction of having done most things right far outweighs the hunger pangs.

Yea me!


Anne said…
Poo. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Hope you get better soon!
Keep on track, girl!

Hope you're feeling better soon.
Alda said…

Incidentally, I always used to eat/drink cold things for my throat, until my doctor told me that the cold virus actually thrives in cold. Several people have told me since then that you should never have anything cold, but rather try to drink lots of water with lemon at room temperature, or add boiling water to any cold drink. Or hot tea, obviously.

For what it's worth... Hope you feel better soon.
Hi Denise! Hope you're feeling better today!
Shannin said…
Sending you some virtual chicken soup. Great job on getting on the treadmill. That's inspiring me to get my butt off the couch and get on mine!
Rebecca said…
It's all baby steps, and you're doing it! Keep up the good work, stay hydrated, and I hope you feel better soon!

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