Just another Monday morning

Monday morning. So tired. Such a long, busy weekend and now it's time to go back to work. Ugh! It's not that I don't want to work, it's just that I didn't have any time to just vegg out this weekend and I'm really tired. (There's another reason to lose weight - not as tired from normal life!)

TCB is leaving this week for a seven-day trip to Costa Rica to go diving. It's the first time that he's gone anywhere without me (although I've taken several trips without him) and I'm feeling a little insecure. It probably doesn't help that he's going with a female friend and they'll be staying at that friend's sister's house while they're gone. He's been very up front about it, so I have no reason to think anything "off" is going to happen, but my own insecurities about my body and my attractiveness are coloring my view of looking at things. (There's another reason to lose weight - not framing everything based on how my body makes me feel!)

Might as well go to work now. Or, perhaps I'll take a nap and get up a little later!


Shannin said…
I think this week will be a good test of your relationship and I hope help you focus on YOU!

Of course, we are all still waiting to get the details of the ball, Cinderella.
So something really fun for yourself while he's gone!

Something that will get you moving, not eating, okay?
Argy said…
Why don't you spend the time preparing something special for his return? Plan a special dinner at your house perhaps?

I have had such thoughts myself about my husband. Needless to say that those thoughts used to surface only when I gained weight. The poor man did nothing different during these periods, on the contrary he was even more sweet and loving and caring to me, and silly me thought that this was just a way to cover his real feelings towards my fat body.

It really is not this way Denise. Cos we are silly enough to not appreciate ourselves for what we really are and we tie our value to a number in the scales, that does not mean our men are equally silly too!

Now I really wonder, since it bothers us, why we do it to ourselves? Sigh...I have been such a pig myself lately...
betsy said…
Ah, a week for Denise time! Enjoy!

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