Katrina survivor and Miss Kitty's owner dies

Wednesday morning. Why am I sitting at my desk listening to Green Day while silent tears slip down my face? Because I remember how happy I was when I read the original story about this man and his cat because the thought of having to leave my own baby kitties at home in case of disaster just breaks my heart. Once I heard that they'd been reunited, and the lovely story of how she'd "saved" him, I knew everything would be OK. Except that it's not.

I want to call the shelter in Louisiana and tell them that I'll be over there on Friday to pick her up and bring her to live with Dave, Abby, and me, but of course I can't do that. I know she'll find a wonderful home but I wonder if she'll miss her owner and if the new people will love her as much as he did.


Shannin said…
I had not read that (haven't checked news sites yet), and that makes me especially sad on the eve of Thanksgiving. I followed that story closely and it breaks my heart he's passed. At least he was able to know she was safe and spend some time with her. I am confident that higher powers will place her in a warm and loving home.

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