Pay no attention to the huge cold sore on my upper lip!

Monday afternoon. I am so miserable right now. I have this cluster of sores on my upper lip and it hurts like a mo-fo. Owwie, owwie, ow! I have suffered from these stupid things since I can remember and they are always caused by extreme dry conditions (which we have right now), stress, or prolonged exposure to the sun. I'd pretty much eliminated them by taking 2,000mg a day of L-Lysine but, sadly, I've not been taking my tablets lately and, voila!, we have pain and humiliation.

Tonight I have a Junior League committee meeting so everyone there will be staring at my hideously disfigured lip, too.



Deb said…
I developed one last Wednesday. I ran right out and bought some Abreva at the local drugstore and started taking 500 mg aspirin. Aspirin in the morning, Abreva applied throughout the day, and some triple antibiotic cream at night. By Friday it was done with the blisters and today (day5) it's practically gone. Just a bright red spot where it was. That sure beats the 10-14 days of agony that you get without any treatment.
I don't know if you read "For Better or Worse" in the comics, but the teenage girl in there is struggling with major zits right now--reminded me of you!

Hope they clear up soon. Have you tried Abreva?
Alda said…
Oh, you poor thing! And I bet it's not very conducive to kissing, either :(
Anonymous said…
I have suffered from cold sores and impetego since I was born, thanks to my mother.

I get it from stress and illness and too much sun.

When I go on holidays to the Dominican I get a prescription for some vaginal herpes drug that works miracles in keeping the sores at bay. It is funny to get it at the pharmacy as they call you over to talk to you about the drug and do so in quiet whispers b/c of why the drug is normally perscribed for, LOL.

Great drug but a tad expensive even with my drug plan.

Funny, I had a HUGE cluster last week appear (I think from exhaustion) on my lip, top right - they were SO sore and looked awful, lol.

Hope they clear up soon, from one sufferer to another :)
Anonymous said…
I have read that cutting a clove of garlic in half and rubbing it on the sore will speed healing. Also, here's a crazy but effective one for ya! At the first sign that a cold sore is coming (that tingling sensation), put a dab of colorless nail polish on the sore. It apparently prevents the sore from blossoming and will flake off naturally when it's done its thing. My husband suffers from cold sores a lot so I'm always on the lookout for remedies.
Shannin said…
I have never had a cold sore - thank goodness! Will ice help take some of the swelling/redness away?
Anne said…
bah! I so understand what you mean!
I get cold sores so easily when I get run down. I thought for sure I would have one on my wedding day.But I didn't!!!

Love your site.
theaddict said…
I've never had a cold sore either but I hope it goes away soon, it can't be pleasant.

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