What's the best feeling in the entire world???

Answer: Successfully scheduling your first Maid Brigade appointment! Yea, yea, YAY Snackiepoo for hooking me up with these guys because they're very reasonable and didn't make me feel ashamed of my slovenly ways in the slightest. (Of course I will clean up and get rid of the clutter before they get to the house, but they will do the deep cleaning and that ought not be underestimated.)


Anonymous said…
Hollah! Maid Brigade, yay!

I just came home to a clean house, mints and a comment card on my counter and my Maid Brigade calendar for the following year. I am glad they treated you right and you will have a sparkly home soon! Trust me, it will make you feel much better too :).
JessiferSeabs said…
This has really got me thinking that maybe before the holidays I'll have a similar service (we have "Merry Maids" here), come and do a nice once-over on my house. Obviously I can't afford to do this a ton, but once a year... not a bad idea. I live in a verrrrry old house, so sometimes cleaning is a pain (tons of nooks and crannies for dust and dirt to hide in).

Hmmm... I wonder how much that would set me back?
A clean house? What's that?

I'd be too embarassed for maids to see how cluttery and messy my house is right now.

However, we're having company for Thanksgiving so that will give me incentive to do it.
Shannin said…
I've used Merry Maids before and they were great. I really need to schedule them once a month or so. Plus, they're fast - 2 to 3 hours tops for us.
Marisa said…
I'm laughing b/c I could've really used the Brigade last night. The boy unexpectedly stopped by (with 20 minutes warning) and, well, let's just say it's a good thing he didn't open any closet doors or look under the bed!
M@rla said…
I can't believe you found Snackiepoo's advice more helpful than my calling you a slattern and yelling at you to clean your damn house ;-)

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