Craziness, I tell you

Saturday morning. I just had to pop in to mention that I'm getting ready to hit the treadmill for 20 minutes this morning before heading up to pick up TCB and then meet my folks for lunch. This will be my third straight day of working out - can you imagine??? Wow, and I actually resisted the very strong urges to binge that came along last night and went to bed instead. (Well, I sorted through the approximately nine loads of laundry I need to do that had been sitting on my bedroom floor first, but then I went to bed.)

Yay for me!!!

(OK, off to the treadmill...)


La said…
Rock on, Denise! Happy New Year!
Gary said…
I fight the binges every day. Now I only binge on lower calorie foods, though, so I am actually losing weight. Hope you have a happy new year.
Argy said…
Happy New Year my sweet and precious Denise! May all yours and you be healthy and strong,may the new year brings you all the smiles and joys in the world!!!

I am not the same person and your sweetness has been part of my improvement.

For this I thank you and love you!!!
theaddict said…
Sounds like you're doing really good. Now I want some of that enthusiasm to rub off on me!
Shannin said…
What a way to end (and start) the year. I know this is the first of many good things coming your way in 2006.
Anonymous said…
i hope to hit the elliptical machine tomorrow for the first time in a while. 2006 is about getting back on track. i hope to lose weight along beside you this year!

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