He has a girlfriend!

Saturday morning. No, not TCB...stay with me here, people! It's Alcott, my darling boy, the superstar basketball player of all time...he's got a girlfriend. And he told me about her. And it was all that I could do not to giggle at his earnestness. (Don't worry, I bit down on the inside of my cheek so that not even a smile appeared.) She sounds like a nice girl and smart, too, which is good because I want to like her because he likes her but, you know there's no way I'm going to be happy with someone not worthy of this amazing boy's affections. Omigosh, don't even talk to me about what will happen if she breaks his heart!!! In any case, if you're in San Diego and you've got a youngish teenaged girl and she's dating an adorable boy that plays basketball and football and is incredibly intelligent and sensitive, you might just be the luckiest mom ever. Seriously.


Alda said…
OMG you had me worried there for a minute! lol

Seriously, though, how sweet! My daughter is 14 and is just making all these discoveries - I truly love observing and sharing in it. Teenagers get such a bad rap - it truly is a lovely age. :)

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