Hurry, hurry, rush, rush

Friday afternoon. The holidays are not a fun time of year when you're dead busy at work.

OK, I suppose I can't really make a post consisting entirely of that statement, but that really does summarize how I feel. Today - this whole week, really - is just running me ragged. Ten employees, 19 products between Christmas Day and the Feast of Epiphany (Three Kings Day), and one really large ball of stress located right between my shoulder blades. When you go home, come back, and still don't feel that you've gotten any rest, that's not a happy feeling. Still, I walked for 20 minutes yesterday and again today and I haven't binged (yet*), so it's better than it could be. Of course, TCB threw me into a panic when he called this afternoon to find out what time I would be to his house tonight. Tonight? I'm going home, collapsing into a heap, and perhaps - perhaps - doing some laundry tonight. Tomorrow night, yes, New Year's Eve...that's when we're going out (or staying in) with friends. Not Friday after one of the toughest weeks yet with the new job. Tomorrow. Apparently he now needs to call said friends to tell them it's tomorrow. Boo on Denise the party pooper.

I know that you call someone who's not in the mood for Christmas a "Scrooge", but what do they call someone who's boycotting New Year's Eve???

* I'm throwing in the yet because: a. I don't want to jinx myself, b. I've certainly had the urges to do so, and c. I can't think about never bingeing again because I've lived this way for so long and I've said it before only to go right back. This time, we'll just take it minute by minute or day by day (once I get stronger).


I believe the term is "tired."

Get some rest, then go have a blast tomorrow!
Anonymous said…
Hi Denise,

Surfed in from BE. Unique design and love the title. I had a busy month myself, so I feel your pain.

Picture it, 1000 employees, mounds of benefit changes because we changed vision carriers and you've got a vision of my days...LOL.

Hope you have a fabulous New Year! Stay strong!
Argy said…
My dearest Denise,

Thank you for all you have given me this year, which is so much to list!

Have a great new year's eve and a greater year. Let's make the most of our lives darling, because they are indeed gifts and we must admit we are given those gifts to enjoy them!!!

I love you!
Annake said…
I feel your pain. I haven't been in the mood for any of the holidays. I didn't even decorate for Christmas! Hopefully you can get some rest and have a great time tonight. :-D
M@rla said…
I think New Year's is a vastly overrated holiday, and I wish we could just stay at home and watch a movie, but our friends throw a big shindig every year and expect us to come (and spend the night). Oh well.

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