No time to worry, no time to stress...just work and party, work and party

Monday morning. No matter what the Chamber of Commerce website says, we're still America's Finest City in my books!

We've now entered the time of year when things at work get really hectic for me. (Me and everyone else in our division of the company.) Generally that means I roll out of here and either into a binge/bed ugly cycle or straight from work into workout clothes and a nice walk, depending on which part of the rollercoaster I'm on in that year. This year, a new dimension has been added to the fun: a social life! Yes, that's right, in a misguided attempt to do some good in the world, I stopped being a hermit and got involved and now I have lots of things to do through the holiday season. As a matter of fact, starting with last Friday, I have 10 days without social engagements in the 23 days until Christmas (and that's not counting Alcott and his brother's basketball games) - yikes! When am I supposed to do laundry? When I am supposed to write out holiday cards? When am I supposed to lie around and do nothing in sweet enjoyment of the holiday season??? Ah, well, better to be too busy with lots of people requesting your presence than sitting at home on the couch watching re-runs of Gray's Anatomy, right?

By the way, I'm stealing a page from Trish and asking that, if you'd like a snail mail holiday card from me, you send me an email with your mailing address. (If you'd like to send me one in return, just specify that in your message and I'll reply with my information.)

I'll come back and do a proper update soon, I promise, but there are products to release, emotional breakdowns to counsel friends through, and a gift exchange gift (for Thursday night - yikes!) to buy, so I must run for now.


Alda said…
... You're very brave to add to your social/work load by offering Christmas cards to the World At Large!! I'll spare you and just take a nice Merry Christmas via e-comment/mail... :)
40 Something said…
Thanks for you kind words on my blog, looks like you a great blog yourself.

I can't fit said…
A social life is not bad!
Anonymous said…
Social engagements are good, but I still need my Grey's Anatomy time too. :)

I hope you enjoy the season and manage some important 'you' time!

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