Blah, it's Friday, blah, I'm tired, blah-diddy-blah-blah-blah

Friday afternoon. So, I have a dreadful case of the Blahs. I just don't care today. I want to sleep until I can't sleep any more. I want my laundry to be done by elves while I sleep. I want everyone on my (really wonderful) team to take care of their crises themselves. I want to wake up and find a warm, essential lavender oil bath waiting, with candles and classical music, and a warmed towel waiting when I get out. Yes, yes, yes...I deserve these things!!! *temper tantrum ensues*

Alrighty then, we're back. I have nothing, however, that I wish to speak of today in my own life, but shall, instead, send you all (yes, you, too!) over to Kat's place so that you can tell her that there are lots of us like her out here and that she can so totally do this. Go on. Right now. I'll wait.

Did you go? Did you leave a nice comment? Of course you did because only kind and generous people would ever bother coming over here to my corner of the 'Net. (I love both of you very much, too!)

My plan needs to be adjusted or, rather, my approach to following the plan needs to be adjusted. No details because I'm trying not to obsess, but there are some things I need to do differently in the rest of my life to make eating properly and getting enough exercise work. Yes, believe it or not, just having a delightfully appropriate plan is not, on its own, enough to make me healthy overnight.




Anonymous said…
I'm going to go leave a nice comment for Kat right now but I wanted to say happy weekend to you, first. Happy weekend! Take that bath and enjoy it. C
Unknown said…
I've got a bad case of the blah's too. But I think mine are more sleep deprivation That's what naps on the couch are for, right?

Hope you have a better weekend full of sunshine and heated towels :)
Shannin said…
I did go visit Kat, and you know you have more than 2 readers...

Sorry about the blahs. Probably partly due to this time of year. It will be spring soon, and maybe some warm sunlight will brighten your mood...
Barbi said…
LOL! If you find the plan that will change you overnight let me know. I remember when I started my weight loss journey, the first couple of weeks a lost almost a pound a day. I would jump up bright and chipper in the morning, jump on the scale and **poof** another pound down. Now not so much at a time! ARGH! Isn't it funny that I think that things will change overnight. Living in bliss I suppose.
Love your blog!
Oh, I so wish that just making a plan would make everything go according to that plan! But you know what they say about even the best-laid ones. Good luck!
theaddict said…
I wish I could say I didn't feel the same but I do. I hope I feel better soon, and you too.
Anonymous said…
Denise! you plugged me:) I wondered where all of the people came from. I'll take comments as they come.
Thanks for the encouragement!
And Friday blahs... yeah. I think they're compounded today by the holidays. So thats my way of saying they will only get better?? :)
Anonymous said…
The blahs seem to be going around at this time of the year. I always feel a bit of a letdown after all the fun and festivities of the holiday season are over. Of course, knowing that I induldged a bit too much and now have that much more work to do in getting healthy doens't help, but do you think that I'll remember this next year and be a bit more sensible? Probably not. ;-)

I hope your blahs are soon replaced with some "ahs" of happiness. :)

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