Learning As I Go: A rambling entry full of sound and fury, signifying nothing

Wednesday afternoon. I'm tired. Not just mentally tired (that's constant at this time of year) but physically tired, too. TCB stayed over last night and - get your minds out of the gutter! - I didn't get much sleep. Seriously, remember my TMI post from last week? Nothing interesting happened last night, I promise, but I only have a Queen sized mattress and TCB is a man who likes to take up space. He has a full size at his place and it's even worse there. I must have space when I sleep and if I get crowded, I can't sleep. He doesn't mean it, but he's always crowding me and then I get the fidgets/restless leg syndrome and it's off to the couch for me. The couch is fine for leisurely naps in the afternoon, but not for the really good sleep that I need when I'm under a lot of pressure at work (and trying to work a new healthy eating plan). One or both of us needs to get a King sized bed. Or two twins. Whatever. Did I mention that I'm really tired?

I guess they call it a plan because it might need to be adjusted. That's definitely how it's working for me. It's all very well to write up what you ought to do or even intend to do, but sometimes life has other plans. Did not walk last night and went out to dinner at Chili's with TCB. On the plus side, I didn't overeat, there wasn't any bingeing, and I got to have dinner with my boyfriend. The walking didn't happen because TCB has my dining room all rearranged so that he can exchange my ugly ceiling fan for a new, pretty one, and that's a sacrifice I can live with. It's only one day and I'll be right back at it tonight because I was totally buzzing to walk last night and couldn't.

I have therapy tonight (do I ever need it or what???) and I'll walk afterwards then have a little snack before bed. After my disorganized eating today - just a little stressed - I'll need the return to routine.


Shannin said…
Nothing wrong with adjustments. The plan is merely a guidebook for you to use on your journey. Great job on the not binging/over-eating. Being comfortable eating out is so important.
Gary said…
I have been on a plan for eleven months and I am adjusting it all the time. I guess you could say adjustment IS par of the plan.
Zephra said…
I came to your place via Michele's. I just liked your Blog title.

I am on over weight binge/bulimic woman. I realized (like you book said) that being on a "diet" never works. You have to change the way you eat for life. I have kicked the soda habit so far and I am drinking lots of water. I still eat what I want when I am hungry, but I do it in moderation. I just started a new exercise program. My kids dance dance revolution game. I get to play a video game/dance/and exercise at the same time. It makes it almost fun.

Good for you for trying to change your life. I know you will be successful. I'll be back to say hi again.
EMLB said…
Hang in there, Denise! You sound much more organized and put together than I think you feel. You know where you're at, and we'll see where you're going when you get there.
Kat said…
What a great blog, Denise. Thanks for all of your honesty.
You're so right... diets won't work.
Thanks for the encouragement tonight.
Anonymous said…
I hear they have drugs now for restless leg syndrome? :)

And Chili's doesn't have to be that bad. They have a full nutritional info pdf (I think I got it from their site, it looks official). I usu. get the Margarita Grilled Chicken. Pretty filling, not on the "healthy" menu, but still okay.
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah, I hear you on the king size bed thing. The rented flat we moved into recently has one and now we can never go back!
Ciera said…
Hey! here from Michele's! Sorry you didn't sleep...I'd have the same problem if I had a guy...as I like to sleep down the middle of my double bed.

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