There's something about weekends

Monday afternoon. Quick post because TCB and I are about to go out to the home improvement store to pick up a few supplies for a project he's working on here at my condo.

I think I'll be able to "fix" my evening eating problems (go to bed early) and now I'm focusing most of my energy on figuring out what to do about weekends. Well, more specifically, what to do about eating with TCB. I have to be able to say, "I don't want to eat at a sit-down restaurant because it's too tough for me to make good choices when faces with so many delicious, not-good choices," and not feel guilty about it. Perhaps I should even let TCB know that I'll bring my own healthy, prepared meals when I come over on weekends and that I won't be going out to eat (at least for a few weeks). I still need to toss this around a little, so there will be more of this later.

I also want to thank Alda for her nomination of me for a BoB Award. Last year when I was nominated, I felt really ambivalent about my nomination and, while I'm still not comfortable with the concept of competing against other, really fabulous sites, I am unequivocally proud to be in such august company. I've added some of the best of the category to my blogroll and encourage you to go over to the awards site to explore the entire list, then vote every day between now and the end of the month for those you find most worthy of your time and attention. (Also, please go over to Genuine's blog and tell him thank you for putting together such a nice award and for all of his efforts thereto.)


Alda said…
Oh dear, I had no idea you felt so ambivalent about it. Sorry if I've done you a disservice... it wasn't my intention. :( Personally, however, I'm glad to see that you've been selected AND you've received most of the votes. I'm sure all those other blogs are very worthy, but I'm rooting for you!
Lori said…
I totally understand this issue. I hate depriving my boyfriend because I am on a diet. He is trying to eat better, but let's face it, he will not not eat Subway 4 times a week like I can. He will work with me because he supports me fully, but I hate asking him to totally change his life because I am weight watching. When I lost 85lbs before, I was single, and I could totally control what went in my mouth and when. Now, I'm a "we", and we go to to late night movies, coffee shops, and countless restaurants. I am no longer sitting home alone obsessing about WW points and weighing my portions! It is frustrating, and now I totally understand why couples often gain weight when they become one. So the question is alone and thin, or together and chubby?
I feel your dilema, because I deal with this and the 30lbs I have gained since meeting my significant other EVERYDAY!
Anonymous said…
I'm sure you deserve the nomination :) Understandable about the healthy foods thing, but I think he will understand or at least meet you halfway with it. I did that for a while too, felt guilty about it...but really, even people with no weight to lose should be eating healthy, so there's nothing wrong with involving other people, even if they've no weight to lose. And I think people appreciate that you can be strong enough to BE healthy and EAT healthy.
Shannin said…
It works both ways, I guess - both Don and I put on weight together, but now we're losing together. I don't mind if he has something I can't, but he feels so bad about it he opts for something more healthy.

I hope you know how deserving you are of the nomination. You have provided such inspiration to so many of us!

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