Today's the day

Saturday morning. I'm going to see my boy today. Yes, after nearly three weeks' absence, I'm going to watch Alcott bowl this morning. And, of course, we will grab Starbucks on the way home. Yippee, yahoo, wooowheee, I can't wait to see him!

Do you know what I realized while I was talking to my Voices supervisor this week? Alcott's going to be fifteen years old this year. Omigosh, that's like almost sixteen and you can drive at sixteen here in California. Nononononononono, I'm not ready for this! He can't be getting older, he just can't. Intellectually, I'm making plans for his departure to college, trying to figure out where I'm going to find scholarships to pay for $120,000 (4.5 years of out-of-state tuition at the university he's in love with)...but it only just hit me that it will mean he'll be gone and I won't see him except the four or five trips a year I make back there to see him. (What? Do you think four or five trips a year is excessive? Hey, at least I'm not thinking about moving there! Wait, I think one of our competitors has an office there...) What am I going to do when it's three months between visits instead of just three weeks? *must be the grown up, must be the grown up* OK, I've got nothing, but I do have three and a half years to figure it out!

*puts on my "I'll think about that tomorrow" hat*

He's still a little boy for now and I'm going to watch him bowl, so I shall speak at all of you later.


Here in Canada, I could educate myself and all of my five roommates for four years for $120,000.
Anonymous said…
I am glad that you got to see him today. I bet you had a great time!
I'm glad that you finally got to see him again. And don't worry about that tuition--if his grades are good & he's in foster care, he may qualify for financial aid.

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