Gurgle murgle

Tuesday afternoon. I'm so hungry right now that I can feel my stomach twisting and turning. Fortunately, a dietician from the new meal preparation company I'm using called just as I was contemplating going downstairs and pigging out on something from the cafe. I told her that their 1,200 calories a day was really making me hungry and she told me that I can add a salad with 2 cups of lettuce and 1 cup raw veggies (plus 2T of light dressing) to both lunch and dinner plus a fruit serving with lunch. Now, by my calculations, that's still going to leave me considerably below my doctor-recommended 1500-1800 calories a day, so I might be a little more liberal with the dressing on my salads. Still, I really like the Cheese Fantastico dressing by Bernstein's and it's so very low in calories for the flavor it imparts that I might be able to stick to the weensy recommended amount.

The fact that I'm even having this conversation and not just running downstairs for food is a good sign, I think. Yes, I'm well-pleased.

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