Has it really only been a week?

Sunday morning. The past week has both flown and dragged by. When it comes to getting myself back on the straight and narrow - at home, for my health, with my obligations - it seems as though I was just posting about how productive I was going to be. When it comes to work stress, however, these past seven days have just dragged on interminably. Every time I think that it's going to get better, I end up more stressed that week than the week before. I don't know if this is the job for me. Seriously. I have this terrible feeling of dread when Sunday rolls around now because I know I've got to go back in again. I don't like feeling this way and I love the company that I work for far too much to just leave. If only things would slow down a little so that I could make an objective assessment. Ah, well, I'll just survive this and start preparing to give mid-year assessments to my (many) employees. *sigh*

On the fitness front, I've joined Ammon on The Bloggest Loser challenge. I am hoping that the extra accountability will help get me/keep me motivated to do the things that I know I need to. If nothing else, posting the pictures ought to shake me out of complete inactivity, right?

OK, time to take a shower so that I can go and have lunch with TCB. Man, whose idea was it to date a guy that's a 45 minute drive away???


Anonymous said…
Try living in Sydney and dating a guy in North-West Tasmania ... there's a silver lining in everything, at least you can drive over and see your guy whenever you want :)

PS ... my motto for years has been "work to live, don't live to work" ... I know you love the company you work for and you are obviously an incredibly hardworking and loyal employee ... but the last few posts when you've been talking it's sounds more and more like it's time to reassess your job ... do you have any leave time coming up that you could use? Take a week to reassess maybe?

Good luck, anyway!
Fern Bourrie said…
Good luck on your weight loss venture. I'm working on shedding a few as well. I've joined pounds2go.net Holds me accountable and lots of support there too.
Anonymous said…
I read about your "Biggest Loser" challenge a few days ago, and have to admit that it the whole idea has been creeping into my thoughts randomly over the last little while. I am a big fan of the show - only recently came across it whilst channel surfing at New Years and have been a fan since! I have checked out Ammon's site, it looks great. Don't think I am ready to go online but I will be doing the challenge right alongside you all! Good luck!

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